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I-90 foodie stops

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Traveling from the Mass. line to western PA on the NY Thruway with no plans to eat at a Thruway rest stop. Can anyone recommend anywhere between Albany Erie near I-90 for lunch?

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  1. It's been said before and I'll say it again: Dinosaur Barbecue in Syracuse. (There's also one in Rochester). Syracuse is easy off I90.

      1. ...and I third it! I have driven many miles out of my way just to get the sweetheart deal at dino bbq!

        1. Thanks to all. I've actually been to the Rochester location (years ago) and had forgotten about the original one... appreciate the reminder.

          1. Thali of India has some very tasty Indian food not far off the Henrietta exit of the Thruway. On Winton Rd. just north of Jefferson.

            1. If you are hungry when you hit Utica, you can try O'Scagnizzo's on Bleeker St. Exit 31, South on Genesee St, left on Bleeker (in downtown). Terrific pizza (they bake the pie first, then throw on the sauce before serving), also good chicken parm sandwich, chicken riggies, etc. Lots of other fancier places in the same neighborhood. For dessert, go another block down Bleeker to Florentine Bakery for cannolis or pastacciottes.

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                Thanks Jimmyg - sounds like an interesting pzza.

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                  Can you describe what you're calling a pastacciotte? If it's what I think it is, I know how to pronounce it but never before could figure out how to spell it!

                2. I have no idea if I spelled it right. It is a small (3-4 inch diameter) pie like pastry, filled with custard. I have had it other places, but Florentine is probably my favorite. Utica is a Mecca for Italian restaurants. There are several good ones in the same general vicinity around Bleeker St. Someone from Utica can probably clue you in on which are the best.