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Sep 8, 2006 06:04 PM

How to make my girlfriend learn/appreciate/love cooking?


I was never much of a cook when I was living at home.(my mom was the best cook EVER!) But when i moved out, I started to cook, and not for nothing, my cooking was not that bad. I owe it to the love of food. Guess, when you love food, you should know what good food should taste and you pick things up along the way.
BUT for some reason, my girlfriend(who now lives with me) cannot cook for the life of her, and I can't figure out why? I even tried to stop cooking as to promote her to cook, but she is just so "retarted" in the kitchen, I get annoyed. (she is not a food person BTW)

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  1. IME you can't "make" anyone do anything! If cooking isn't her strong point, I'm sure she has others. If you cook, she can set the table, clean up, maybe shop....

    1. Some people just don't enjoy food as much as others, or they don't have a palate to differentiate well enough to cook well. It seems an impossibility to me, too, but it happens. That's why we have forums where we can share tips--if everyone loved food and cooking as much as we did, we wouldn't need a specific place to come to talk about it.

      But bully for you--you get to do all the cooking, and she can wash the dishes!

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        My sister does not like to cook but she always volunteer to do the dishes. It works for me.

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          I'm new here, from Maine, & I agree w/the she can wash the dishes part. In my family it was/is whoever cooks doesn't have
          to/shouldn't do the dishes/clean up. It worked while I was
          living at home. I guess I'm lucky that both my BF & I love to cook.

          I also agree that you can't "make" anyone do anything they don't want to!

        2. I think you are talking about two different things- you can appreciate cooking, and yet hate to cook. The appreciation and love are not necessarily intertwined. You can also know what good food tastes like without cooking same.
          If you like to cook, what is the problem? Cook away, and maybe she will come to appreciate it. If not, oh well.
          I love to cook- and often spend weekends cooking things I know my family would never try- they eat it, and enjoy it- but I cook it because I love to cook and try new things.

          1. My husband has no "feel" for cooking so he is my chief cheerleader and cleaner-upper. And he drives me to exotic grocery stores and farm stands. I do all the cooking. It works for us.

            Over time your girlfriend may develop more appreciation for good food and show an interest in how it's made. That may be your opportunity to pass on your love of cooking.

            1. yeah I guess that's what it is! I'm very thickheaded myself to not understand why she doesn't have the love for food! She is the type of person to just order Pad thai or just friend rice whenever we go to a Thai or Chinese rest. (sigh!)

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                This really is more of a relationship question than anything else. Some people don't like to cook; some people aren't adventurous eaters. Just like some people aren't good with technology or not being atheletic. To understand where she comes from, just think of something that you're not interested in. How would you feel if/when she makes you do something you don't want to do or have absolutely not interested in? She may change or she may not. Either way, you need to work out your issues of why you're so annoyed.

                1. re: Nutzer

                  Stop trying to change her and try to get yourself to accept that she's simply different from you. What if she loved cross-stitching and tried to force you to do that....wouldn't that be weird?