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Sep 8, 2006 06:02 PM

craving a cheeseburger- on the upper west around 80s and columbus.

Is there anywhere in this area to get a good cheeseburger. I'm so hungry!

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  1. Nice Matin - Amst & 79, EJ's - Amst & 81
    either will do you right

    1. Sorry to say hop on the 79th Street cross town and walk down to J.G. Melon on 74th and 3rd. Its well worth the $2 bus fair

      1. Bar style, cook out style, or fast food style?
        Cook out style try the boat basin
        Bar style Parlour is passable
        Fast food jump on the C to Columbus circle and walk over to The Burger Joint in Le Parker Meridian

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        1. re: augieland

          Just an FYI: The Parlour is way more than passable...
          My husband and I have had many cheeseburgers there and they are always very good, once in a while VERY, very good... I believe they have the Jack Daniels auteed onions, yum!

          I recommend it, along with Nice Matin...

        2. I'm with augie re The Burger Joint, or shot over to Bloomies and have CheeseBurker Sliders at Burke in the Box,

          1. Harriet's Kitchen on 84th and Amsterdam.

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            1. re: chowcito

              Ditto. One of the best burgers in the world!