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Sep 8, 2006 05:55 PM

Best Chinatown Bakery? Somewhat last minute.

A friend has been visitng me this week/weekend, and is taking a bus to Harrisburg, PA, tomorrow to visit her cousin and his spouse. The cousin's wife is Chinese American, and cousin's MIL who lives with them grew up in China. So, my friend has decided she wants to take bakery goodies from Chinatown as a hostess gift (easy to trasport on the bus and she knows they'll be enjoyed). I know people talk about the bakeries in Chinatown being inexpensive, but I've never been to any so I'd love suggestions as to where and what you like best. Thanks so much.

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  1. The best by far are the peanut butter coconut buns (for all of 60 cents) at Green Land Tea House on 210 N. 9th St (just leave me one if you're going on Saturday...thanks!). They also have pretty good Swiss buns and you can get a good mix of stuff there too.

    Also pretty good are the snow mountain buns (?) at Mayfair. The stuff at K.C.'s just so-so from what I've found.

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      Peanut butter coconut buns?! They sound AMAZING!!

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        do you mean Mayflower? That's my go-to spot for savory items. For sweet items I usually don't stray too far beyond the sesame balls anywhere.

      2. I'm not sure if this is the same thing or not, but Saint Honore bakery carries "snowballs". They are typically on the bottom of the case. They consist of a white coconut coating, mochi-like (sticky rice flour) shell, and a peanut/sugar "crumbly dust" filling. They are indeed yummy, and are 60 cents each. They also stock a mango version, with orange colored rice and mango chunk interiors. Saint Honore is at 935 Race St. (215-925-5298). They travel very well, but tend to squish easily. This bakery was recommended to me by the owner of Lakeside Deli. I figured she'd know where to go.

        1. Thank for the suggestions! Just got back from taking my friend to the bus station, where my friend climbed on her bus with two big boxes of baked goods from Chinatown bakeries. We got some savoery buns at the Mayflower, I can't remember her whole selection, but three or four kinds. Then, we went to Green Land Tea House, where she got the suggested peanut butter coconut buns, some cake filled with lemon (can't remember theri exact name), red bean cakes (again, not exact name) and sesame balls. I came home with a peanut butter coconut bun, one of the lemon things and some spongecake.

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            Hope you liked the stuff... I did mean the Mayflower (not Mayfair) actually! Also tried what appeared to a snow mountain-like bun on Saturday at Green Land and it was very, very good!