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Fish Restaurant in Redondo, Hermosa or Manhattan

Well, this is a big question but an associate is coming in on business this Sunday and I am brand new to the area from NoCal. Suggestions?

Thank you

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  1. Kincaid's is lovely at the Redondo Beach Pier.

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      I give that place 6/10. I've have better/fresher fish at other local places.

    2. Ive had lots of business eats at Chart House RB.. Not bad, always consistent, nice view, fish has always been good.

      Theres a shack near there if your adventureous.... Capt. Billy's?????? been awhile.. sorry

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        Captain Kidd's
        No need to be adventurous...its a top notch place for fresh seafood cooked to order to take out or eat there.


      2. Try Rockin Fish near the Manhattan pier

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          Agreed. Rockin Fish is probably the best over all in that area. Excellent wine selections also.

        2. I agree Captain Kidd's is really good. Try the spider crab or get some shrimp and have them cook it for an extra $3.99 with 2 sides.

          1. Blue Water Grill in Redondo Beach is not too shabby. Don't order the shellfish there, though.

            1. Another vote for Captain Kidd's; not fancy, but really good.

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                Is it super fresh? I like super fresh. =)

              2. I'll second Kincaid's for a business lunch/dinner.IMHO, the food is better than the 6/10 the OP gave it. I've never been disappointed there

                1. Went to Rock n Fish once and really liked it.