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Sep 8, 2006 05:44 PM

Martini's in Norwood

Anyone been?

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  1. No, but its 2 blocks from me. Please report back if you go.

    1. Went on Friday night. We didn't have much chow, just split the Cheese Platter. I swear the menu stated it was baked brie but it was just a wedge of brie with boring crackers and some grapes. The rest of the menu consisted of some apps, grilled pizzas and paninis. We didn't see many people ordering food.

      The drink menu was huge -- five pages of martinis -- but nothing new or inventive, lots of overly sweet-sounding drinks. We just sat down when the waitress came over. The menu was being passed around so I asked for a suggestion. I wanted something that didn't have any flavored vodka in it. This stumped our waitress who suggested a margarita. ?? Wound up just getting a vodka martini. I think it was $8, not terrible.

      The acoustics in the room were terrible and they were blaring the music. It was fairly empty at 8 when we arrived, we asked them to turn the music down but were told that they "can't."

      1. Hmmm. I'm not rushing over anytime soon.


        1. We went for a light dinner and a few drinks about two months ago. We both had paninis, one with steak and the other with grilled vegetables. They were both very good. I'd go again.

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            We were going to get a panini to split but we sat at the low couches on the edge of the room and thought it would be awkward eating them there.

            Honestly if the music were toned down, we probably would have enjoyed it more. We were hoping for a lounge-y vibe but we had to yell to each other to be heard over the music. I think when I am back in that part of town, I'll go to Napper Tandy's. The food is good and its a fun pub.

          2. You are right about the low couches...they did make panini-eating a little difficult!