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Sep 8, 2006 05:40 PM

Can I substitute yogurt for heavy cream?

The recipe calls for one TBS of heavy yogurt an OK substitute?...particularly when the quantity of heavy cream is so small...

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  1. The flavor should be fine, not as rich as cream but still some dairy taste. But yogurt will separate when heated so if you plan to cook this, I wouldn't use yogurt. Or you could try adapting it so as to add the yogurt after taking the dish off heat.

    1. Do you have sour cream? That'd be good.

      1. OK in what sense? It's hard to say without seeing the recipe, but even whole milk yogurt is only 4% butterfat, whereas heavy cream is > 30%. Sour cream is higher, but no more than half that percentage, I'm pretty sure, and like the yogurt, of very different flavor. With so little, I'd think you could just as easily leave it out entirely, really, but without knowing the recipe, can't really offer much of a specific opinion.

        1. You can use creme fraiche. Yogurt and sour cream will curdle if heated too much and the flavor and texture won't be the same as heavy cream. Depending on the purpose of the cream in your recipe, you may be able to substitute half and half or whole milk as well.

          1. This question cannot be answered correctly without knowing the recipe, because cream serves different purposes, some of which are indispensible and others not.