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Sep 8, 2006 05:19 PM

Locally grown (not organic) v. Organic (not locally grown) ... which do you prefer?

Personally, I opt for the locally grown produce even if it's not organic. Just tastes better IMO.

And you?

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  1. Locally Grown. Buying Organic Produce that comes from far away, say Chile, seems to counteract the positive value of organic farming. And alot of organic farming now is done on such a huge scale, there isn't much less environmental impact than conventional growing. And most local growers are smaller and can give more attention to their fields, which can mean less dependence on chemicals anyway.
    Plus you're supporting local agriculture.

    1. Same here. I was go for both, if possible, but local comes first.

      1. Locally grown for me too.

        1. I don't think it's a clear cut either/or thing. I buy locally grown produce from small scale, usually family run farms who use environmentally sustainable, artisinal agricultural practices. Whether those farmers are certified organic is irrelevant. If given the choice between a peach grown on a local, 10,000 acre peach "farm" or a peach grown on an organic farm in Chile, I would buy neither because both are tasteless. Instead, I'd go to my farmers' market and buy a peach from Ram Das Orchards which grows the best darn peaches I've ever had.

          1. locally grown is my choice. If it's organic too (such as from my CSA) even better.
            Somewhat wrote that produce after several days is not a vegetable, it's compost. Organic agribusiness trucked across the continent is not something to be valued. (Agribusiness has co-opted the "organic" label, but that's a rant for another day)