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Sep 8, 2006 05:04 PM

Vincotta - How do I use it?

I find myself with a bottle of Vincotta, a second one, in fact. The first one was reduced on its own, finished with butter and then thrown out. I'd like to use this one more productively. Any suggestions?

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  1. Use it like real balsamic -- just a splash on fresh berries, for example, or apples or pears.

    1. I love vincotto! It's my salad dressing shortcut. Just vincotto with an equal part of good walnut oil (preferably French, as it has a rich, toasty flavor.) Vary the amount and type of oil to your taste and type of salad. As the first poster mentioned, vincotto enhances fruit flavors very nicely, so throw some orange segments, berries, or nuts in with the mix.

      Vincotto is also very nice brushed on chicken, pork, or fish before roasting.

      1. I love it drizzled on lamb chops.

        1. I used it--reduced with butter--as a condiment for Mario Batali's duck liver ravioli (which also contain a fair amount of foie gras.) The sweetness made a fantastic complement to the rich, meaty liver taste of the pasta filling, and the look--almost black--is kind of exciting.

          1. I found this thread searching for the same thing (vincotta recipes). Just in case anyone else finds themselves here: I was wondering why there were so few hits searching for vincotta, when I realized it says "vincottO" on our bottle, not "vincottA".