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Sep 8, 2006 05:01 PM

Best items at Cookshop?

Going tonight, finally. Really excited, the menu looks great. Any favorites? Thanks.

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  1. i have heard such mixed reviews of this place. please do post afterward will ya?

    1. We've loved our meals there -- went twice. The menu has changed I bit since I've gone, but the fried spiced hominy is still there and it's fabulously addictive! They're generally really good at any kinds of sides that have grains or beans -- like succotash. Enjoy!

      1. I will post after I go. I checked out the menu on their website, and I thought it looked incredible.

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          We enjoyed the dinner we had there in February. I had the Rotisserie Duck entree and it was very good. It came with a side skillet of Sonoma Jack potato's au gratin. Also, I found the portion to be quite large and took half home, something I rarely do. It reheated nicely the next day.

          The other thing that still stands out in my mind is my boyfriend's warm applesauce cake. When he ordered it I probably made a face but it ended up being delicious and really hit the spot on that cold snowy night. I felt like devouring it.

          We also had a very nice Tocai that the Sommelier suggested.

          Obviously the menu changes daily due to the availability or certain ingredients. And I wouldn't expect to see a warm applesauce cake on the menu this time of year. I could be wrong though.

          Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

        2. Whether at Cookshop or Five Points, I find you can't go wrong with anything involving crispy skate or grits.

          1. Try the berkshire pork chops which are gnaw-on-the-bone yummy!