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Semolina Flour

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  • tdaaa Sep 8, 2006 04:45 PM
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As fall approaches, I am back in the bread baking mode... wondering if anyone knows where to find semolina flour locally, or suggest good mail-order.


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  1. Harvest food coop in Central Square Cambridge has an excellent selection of flours in bulk including semolina.

    1. Polcari's in the North End definately has it. J Pace used to have it bulk, but would probably at least have packaged and I have seen it in supermarkets. Also natural foods stores with bulk supplies often have it -- Harvest, Wild Oats, and Whole Foods. They might even look it up for you (usually at the register they have a directory of the bulk goods, so can tell if its usually in the bins).

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        I'll second Polcari's -- that's where I always get durum flour. They also have hard-to-find stuff like chestnut flour, etc. Incredibly nice staff there as well.

      2. Whole Foods.

        1. I tried the fresh pond whole foods and was amazed to find no semolina flour, either packaged or bulk. The place is so busy on weekends that I didn't ask for it (I'm sure they have some for the in-store bakery). I will try the harvest food coop this weekend.


          1. I actually found semolina flour in the International Foods isle (by the italian foods) at Star Market in Porter Square.

            1. Try Sevan in Watertown.

              1. I get mine at J. Pace in Saugus -

                1. I'm pretty sure I've seen it at The Bakers Outlet in Malden.