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Sep 8, 2006 04:42 PM

Where to have brunch ?

Hi we have just moved here from France and so far our restaurant experience has been very dissapointing. We have been to a couple of places in Brookline and around Newbury street and been very dissapointed. We have tried italian, japanese and the other I am not sure what style it was, it was just dreadful. So I have joined the chowhound to try and get some real advice on what in the area is good. The only restaurant we dont mind so far is Aquitane in Chestnut hill. We are looking for a place for sunday bruch - any places that are good ?


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  1. Two of my neighborhood brunch spots are in the South End. One is Aquitaine (where you have been to one of the other locations) or Metropolis Cafe. Both places have good brunch.

    1. we are also looking for brunch places in boston. so far we are pretty fond of centre street cafe in jamaica plain, though the lines there are long. on the other hand, sorella's (also in jamaica plain) is at best ordinary.

      did you try the brunch at aquitaine and, if so, how was it? we are thinking of trying the brunch there, at the blue room in cambridge, and perhaps the plough and stars (also in cambridge). i have heard good things about each of these places from chowhound.

      but it might help get better recommendations if you provide more details about where you went and what in particular you are looking for/didn't like.

      i'm sure others on the board will disagree with me, but in my (limited to be sure) experience, despite it's reputation as a wealthy "european" etc. city, the majority of boston is very firmly suburban american in its culinary tastes and aspirations. or at least until relatively recently. it is not a chow destination city, that's for sure. but we make do...

      1. i went to the elephant walk for brunch a few weeks ago, and really enjoyed it. the menu is not necessarily all that brunch-y, but they have a lot to choose from, and the prix-fixe option is great (includes a mimosa, if you're so inclined!).

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          1. Across the street from Aquitaine on Route 9 in Chestnut Hill is the Metropolitan Club. They have an excellent brunch including the egg Metmuffin- homemade english muffin with poached eggs and serrano ham. The have churros- south american doughnuts wiht sulce de lece and other nice choices. This is not a buffet- everything is a la carte - not cheap but also not outrageously expensive.