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Moving to the Newport, DE area- looking for new spots

Hi all,

My husband and I will be moving to South Wilmington (near Newport) from Media, PA. I don't know any of the area restaurants/ take out places with the exeption of the riverside chains. Any reccommendations, be it restaurants, pizza, sandwiches, Chinese, or (if I dare ask) sushi would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!!

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  1. I like the Border Cafe (the sign says EAT) on Rt. 7 near the SPCA a few minutes away (head South down Rt. 4 towards the Christiana Hospital). It's a Mexican/Cajun joint that is very inexpensive. Great fried catfish tacos, big delicious salmon dinners for $13, fajitas, margaritas, and all you can eat free chips and salsa. Kids dinners are all of $2.98.

    Decent but expensive Indian food can be found up Rt. 141 at Rt. 41 at the Palace of Asia.

    Sushi is OK at Mikimoto's downtown, as is Deep Blue there. Also, Genelle's has good Caribbean food on Market Street there and it's very cheap. Try the curry and johnnycakes if you go.

    Delaware, as you will find out, is not exactly a food mecca. Maybe that's why we eat in Kennett Square so much.

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      Based on 3 recs from this thread, I finally got my husband to Border Cafe for dinner tonight. Thank you for sending us here! We probably never would have traveled down there and it was exactly what we've been looking for. Great food, inexpensive, and a wide variety of menu options.

      This is why I love Chowhound! Not to mention fresh margaritas =)

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        Wow...we were there too that night, although it's getting to be an almost weekly trip for us. It has been getting crowded there early (perhaps I should stop touting the place?) on Fridays so watch out after 6 PM unless you want a long wait. The food is indeed very good and consistent there and is resonably priced. As I've said somewhere else, the only downside is that your clothing smells like fajitas sometimes after a visit, although wool seems to fare better than cotton. Enjoy!

    2. There is decent sushi at Mikasa (3602 Kirkwood Hwy) and also at Utage, in Independence Mall on Rte. 202 in Wilmington. Mikimoto's has sushi, but they have one of those goofy sushi menus that has a lot of non-sushi items on it (Crab Rangoon-esque). It bugs me, so I don't eat sushi there. They have a lot of other OK food, though.

      I cannot recommend a single pizza place in Northern Delaware. Having grown up on the Jersey Shore, I have very specific ideas about what pizza should be, and this area does not meet my standards!

      Please do a search on the Mid-Atlantic board for "DE" or "Wilmington" or "Delaware" and you will find a lot of suggestions.

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        I stumbled on some good Jersey-ish pizza this past weekend, suprisingly enough. If you're on campus in Newark, try Pizza U in the shopping center on Main St. They keep one lone cheese pizza in front for slices but it's definitely geared toward take-out. You might like it.

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          Thanks for that--will keep it in mind, although I rarely find myself in Newark. I live very close to Gallucio's in Trolley Square (Wilmington) and it does the job for pizza emergencies. When I want a real pie I head back to my parents' house in Jersey!

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            Huh. I live a few blocks down in Wawaset, but work at UD. Was desperate for a quick bite between movies at the recent Newark Film Fest and that's how I ended up at Pizza U. Just when I'd given up hope... My partner and I have been known to make pilgrimages to Ocean City, NJ, for Mack & Manco fixes...

            Gallucio's is good for their straight-ahead pies, and has a pretty laid-back neighborhood bar feel to it. Yep, a good spot for emergencies...

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          I had thought that the thoughts about bad pizza in Northern DE had to be an exaggeration. Now, after sampling (and tossing) pizzas from FOUR different places I believe you!!! What's with the pizza crusts around here? It makes Pizza Hut seem like a possibility soon.

          I'll be venturing beyond delivery toward some of the other places mentioned on this thread and seeing what I can find. Do I dare ask about Chinese in Newport/ New Castle?

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            I have lived in Wilmo for 8 years and still despair of ever finding a decent pizza place. Don't go to Pizza Hut, though, please! No local places are really great, but there are definitely better options than Pizza Hut. Just don't get any chain pies, even local chains. Grotto and Pat's are truly vile.

            I don't know about Chinese in Newport/New Castle, but I do recommend Bon House on Kirkwood Highway at Rte. 7. I've posted about it--you can do a search.

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              The Bon House used to be the best but has changed ownership. The owners now run Confucius in Rehoboth (Wilmington Ave) which is now the best in DE

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                The Crownery in Hockessin has excellent Chinese food. We go there at least once a month and are never disappointed. The food is pretty typical for Americanized Chinese food, but they make it with quality ingredients (their General Tso's chicken is made with white meat). We've never had a bad meal there.


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                I feel your pain re pizza. Check out Tony's Cafe, which is sort of hidden away in a strip mall at the corner of Possum Park and Paper Mill Roads, north of Newark. Probably the best pizza I've had around here.

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                  Tony's Cafe is without a doubt the best pizza around Northern Delaware. 336 Possum Park Rd 19711 737-2411 - very small seating area - great cannolis also!

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                  Re: Chinese, not exactly in New Castle / Newport, but not too far and worth the trip, imho, is Shang Hai in Claymont. They've got a 'regular' and a Chinese menu. There's a recent thread on this place w/ specific menu recommendations at:


                  I've been living in the area for three years and this is the only Chinese place I'll eat at outside of Philly.

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                    You can try Pizza Pan on rt. 202 in PA, north of Wilmington. Not very impressive in the seating department, and for some reason the pie doesn't reheat as well as others I've had, but fresh pizza is really good and a commendable crust. Only complain, sometimes George burns the crust when he's busy :(

                3. We love Pizza by Elizabeths in Greenville. My son loves Jasmine on Concord Pike for Asian. On Rt. 141 just outside New Castle is Ioannoni's for great roast beef, pork and sausage sandwiches.

                  1. Places that I enjoy that are not too far from you:

                    Kahl-Bee -Korean on Rte 2 (Kirkwood Highway) near the Value City
                    Bangkok House - Thai on Union St near the intersection with Lancaster Pike (Rte 48)
                    Pastabilites - Italian on Lincoln St in Little Italy
                    Capriottis - lots of locations including Union St in Little Itlay - good subs - esp the roast turkey.

                    1. Mexico Lindo on Rt 13 (South Dupont Parkway), south of the New Castle airport, makes great authentic Mexican fare. Jake's makes a good burger, and the Dog House makes one of the best hot dogs (I like mine with chili, mustard and raw onions) anywhere. The Charcoal Pit also makea a good burger.

                      1. Seconding the recommendations for Border Cafe (consistent, yummy, and inexpensive -- can get a full dinner there with my partner for $15 sans margaritas), Capriotti's (a good veggie turkey sub, in case you're ever in the need for some hearty veg-fare), and Pizza by Elizabeth's (save some room -- they have the best desserts around).

                        We like El Jefe for mexican, which is on Kirkwood Highway in the Astro Shopping Center across from the Y. Great cheese and pepper tamales. Also on Kirkwood a little ways further towards Newark for indian is Maharaja, which has good buffets.

                        If you're up towards Wilmington, Toscana is good for a nicer night out. The have some inventive pizzas on occasion -- for awhile they had a fig and honey pizza that was excellent. They also have some great risottos and other good stuff to try. There's also a to go storefront nearby.

                        Further down 52 and not far from Pizza by Elizabeth's is Buckley's Tavern. They have really good pub food. My meat-eating dining buddies rave about their soups, and I'm a fan of their mushroom sandwich and mushroom calzones. They've got a great goat cheese and honey crostini appetizer too.

                        For sandwiches, try Purebread (also in that area). Kind of Panera-esque but much, much better.

                        If you venture out to Kennett Square, Half Moon is one of my favorites in that area.

                        For a fun/goofy night out try Casablanca on rt. 13. Middle eastern event dining w/ bellydancers on Saturdays. I've posted about it a few times already in the not-to-distant past, so for more info you could do a search.

                        Welcome and good luck!

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                        1. re: spyturtle008

                          For Mexican, you can't beat the BYOB Taqueria Moroleon New Garden Shopping Center in Kennett Square and for Italian value try Cafe Napoli on Kirkwood hwy

                          1. re: mookie19

                            I've been to Taqueria Moroleon and have to say that, while I think it's fine -- perfectly acceptable and even worth the occasional hike up to Kennet (especially if Michoacana's ice cream follows immediately) -- I'm just not getting the superlatives this place gets here on CH. Perhaps I'm missing something. The food is good / consistent, but the service is iffy at best. I can remember one or two times where we never got what we asked for (water, more chips / salsa) or refills on our sodas. Kind of hard to enjoy your meal when you're leaning awkwardly across the chair next to you trying to flag down a server. I'll still go there and do enjoy it from time to time, but El Jefe (and now El Toro, a recent discovery thanks to a fellow Chowhounder) are much better in my book. I've been to El Jefe more times than I can count and 99% of the time the service is great & friendly, and if there is a problem with the food, it gets fixed stat. Counts for a lot -- and those cheese & pepper tamales still rock.

                        2. We also love Corner Bistro in Talleyville. http://www.mybistro.com/ and across the street from there is Bon Appetit.

                          1. I did try Jake's burgers recently in Newark (on Rt. 273). A bit more of a drive than the Elsemere location but well worth the drive. The burgers were much. much better there as were the fries compared to the other location.

                            1. I just tried Ciavelita, the new Filipino place near Prices Corner. The food is cheap and the sauces are tasty but the entrees themselves feature fatty, bony, unidentifyable parts of meat... They also had (for all of $3.50 but still not worth it) a whole fried tilapia that was very fishy tasting and cooked to the texture of cardboard.

                              Save your money and head somewhere else!

                              1. Pizza in Delaware more or less stinks. The place in the Concord Mall (Cafe Riviera) used to have good Sicilian slices but even they were not as good our last visit. The same thing with Valle Pizza in Pike Creek with the regular pies. They do have pan pizzas on Fridays and Saturdays which can be decent, but lately they have been inconsistent.

                                On a semi-related note, has anyone been to Kohl Bee, the Korean place in Elsemere lately? I think I'm due for a visit...

                                1. I ate at Kahl-Bee last month, still as good as ever. They've cut down the menu a little bit, which is a shame, but the food's still very tasty. The day I went, they had a special three-entree deal that included one octopus dish. I was dying to get it, but it would have required my entire party of four to agree to eat the same food, and that was a bridge too far for the two non-adventurous diners in the group. (Why they agreed to eat Korean food in the first place was beyond me, since they ended up ordering the most boring things on the menu in any case!)

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                                    I have only eaten at Kahl-Bee once and I don't think I chose my entree wisely. I would like to give them another try. Do you have some recommendations for dishes there and do you know if they do lunch? Thanks.

                                    1. re: tritium

                                      Yes, they do lunch. What you order is pretty dependent on how spicy you like your food. Some dishes are not spicy at all and others are quite hot (although not "Korea hot"). I am a huge fan of the big soups, esp. dumpling soup, and the hot pot stuff--I love the beef hot pot, tofu hot pot, etc. I also like the monkfish (spicy), but I am one of those people that doesn't mind picking around fish bones and eating non-traditional meats/sea creatures.

                                      I am not wild about bulgogi (this is the grilled beef) since I find it kind of boring--one flavor, no veggies.

                                      1. re: travelmad478


                                        Thanks. I really like spicy food so that is all good with me. I had the monkfish when I was there and although I enjoyed the flavor, I tired of picking around the bones. I will give the hot pots and dumpling soup a try.

                                        Off to Tasti Thai tonight for some Pad Kra Pow.

                                        1. re: tritium

                                          Yes, the fish bones can be a drag but I like the fish itself. There are a whole bunch of hot pots that are really good. I like the short rib one, but again, BONES (!) so you might want to get the tofu one. There are some other boneless beef stews, too, and I think there is at least one seafood hot pot.

                                          Which Thai restaurant is that? I haven't heard of it--is there something new in this town???

                                          1. re: travelmad478

                                            Yes, it is relatively new. It is on Rte. 273 between Route 1 and 13. Nice Thai food. We were disappointed with the Pad Thai, but have liked the yellow curry (their version of Massaman), Pad Kra Pow and the satay appetizer. The versions are not very spicy, even those listed as spicy, but they will up the spice level if you ask. Prices are reasonable as well.

                                            We ended up at the India Grille on Naamans instead last night.

                                            1. re: tritium

                                              I had one awful meal at India Grille and never went back. I used to work close by and was excited about having Indian food in lunch-hour range, but it was just terrible. I do know a lot about this cuisine and am probably more of an Indian-food snob than 99% of the population, but this place was really worse than average. Has it improved any?

                                              1. re: travelmad478

                                                I think it is pretty consistent with the other indian restaurants in the area. Prices have gone up based on our visit last night and this will probably cause us to look elswhere.

                                  2. Native Delawarean, now New Yorker, I like Eclipse and its sister Dome (more family friendly).
                                    Border cafe is decent. I always come back to NY with a couple subs from Capriottis. The Back Burner in Hockessin has been a favorite, though my last meal (a year ago) was not so good. They comped it though, the main chef had been out sick. There is a little cafe in Hockessin, I think it is Samanthas, that has good breakfasts. Also Harrys is good, though I haven't been to the seafood one. Another favorite is flavour of britain in the independence mall. (disclosure, I worked there) It has a great afternoon tea, good baked goods and British pies. Also a food shop. Most places are pretty lackluster in De though.

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                                      Do you mean Kim's Kafe in Hockessin? They do a great breakfast. Also, Perfect Cup just down the street has a decent breakfast - not as good as Kim's, but their coffee is better and they have a big selection of pastries: scones, croissants, etc.

                                    2. Well, it's been a year since my original post and I want to thank you all for your suggestions!! Some we've tried, some are still on my to-do list. I thought I'd post on some of the places in this area that we've found in our first year in the area.

                                      Pizza- Dom's Pizza (on Rt 4 in Newport) has become our go to pizza place. Nice crust, good cheese. Not the best pizza ever, but the best I've found that delivers to my house!

                                      Italian- Lamberti's in Prices Corners is a great spot for Italian- both sit down and take out. They also have a decent brick oven pizza.

                                      Sandwiches- Capriottis is wonderful! Love the roast beef with slaw and the grilled Italian. Also, Purebread is recent favorite for us.

                                      Bar food- Love Washington St Ale House! Great beer list and food selections. Haven't had a bad meal yet. It was a nice replacement for our favorite place near our old apartment.

                                      Breakfast- Mary's Country Kitchen on Rt 4 in Stanton. Biscuits with Gravy are out of this world. Arner's on 13 is a decent spot as well.

                                      Bakery- Black Lab Breads on Union St. Love the specialty foccacias and the rolls.

                                      Chinese- still working on this.... Szechuan Restaurant was good to us on Kirkwood for a while, but went downhill quickly.

                                      Mexican- Border Cafe is the best!!!

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                                        Yeah, Jessi. I've been going to Szechuan all my life(DE native), and you never know. Sometimes the food is delicious and sometimes pretty bad and seems like it came from a totally different place! I'll have to try Mary's in Stanton. I've driven past, but never stopped...

                                      2. Has anyone tried Lucky's? Its a new restaurant at 202 near Silverside Rd. I think it's owned by the Corner Bistro. Had breakfast there . Real good. Planning another visit. This area is in need for more quality restaurants. How about a good diner!!

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                                          Yeah, I was kinda hoping Lucky's might be a diner, but it seems to be just breakfast and lunchy kind of thing?
                                          We do need a good diner. The one on 202 is horrid!

                                          1. re: bxkid

                                            Details!? I like the Corner Bistro so is Lucky's a somewhat upscale breakfast with good coffee please?

                                            1. re: bxkid

                                              Is this what the Ranch House turned into? I never went into that place because it just seemed too creepy. I would be happy to get a decent diner-type restaurant--it's true, Golden Castle is just gross.

                                              1. re: travelmad478

                                                Yes, this is where the Ranch House was.
                                                I went back for lunch. The food was good, but got stuck with a weird waitress. The silverware was old, the front (outside) was a bit dirty, and the bathroom had a smell of urine! I MIGHT try them again in a few months?? There is just no decent places around, except maybe the chain restaurants, but I am getting tired of them. Golden Castle is just OK for breakfast, and I had a bad experience with service at the Hollywood Grill. A good Diner would really do well here in Brandywine 100!! Are there any good Diners within 10 Miles of 202 and Naamans rd? How about PA?

                                                1. re: bxkid

                                                  I ate there once when it was the Ranch House and yes, it was creepy. Ate at Golden Castle once and did not like it at all- so so food literally thrown on a plate, indifferent service and unappealing atmosphere. Birmingham Grille used to be on 202 where the Cadillac dealer is now. The diner was shipped to Nevada to more appreciative patrons (although it had gone way down hill in quality before it closed.) The D&K in West Chester had passable breakfast but I haven't been there in a while. Lately it's coffee at Brewhaha then maybe cider donuts at Northbrook Orchards or Donut Haven in Booths Corner. Go early the line is long. While there, stop at Cajun Kate's for very good beignets. Go early, they go fast. Haven't been there in a few weeks, hope they're still there...

                                                  1. re: RC51Mike

                                                    I had breakfast at Lucky's today. Nothing spectacular but good. The menu is a fairly basic diner menu. I think they are still new and service needed a little work but my order came quickly. The restaurant has been done over in Googie style coffee shop decor- bright, open, colorful and their new sign is wonderful. I think it a nice and needed addition to Concord Pike.

                                            2. -Hollywood Grill on 202 is a great diner in my opinion
                                              -Naaman's Pizzeria on Naaman's road I HEARD has good pizza, maybe someone can go try it and get back to me on that one
                                              -Lamberti's on Philadelphia Pike as an eggplant parm. to die for!
                                              -Jakes and Charcoal Pit great burgers
                                              -Hong Kong in Trolley Square has good Chinese take-out
                                              -Concord Pike Steak Shop @ 257 Wilmington-West Chester Pike, Chadds Ford, PA 19317 Phone: 610-558-2569 has GREAT cheesesteaks

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                                              1. re: djones1982

                                                Funny, I live nearly across the the street from the Hollywood and have only been there three times, twice because I had to meet there. Seemed like no different than the former HoJo's with extremely mundane food.

                                                1. re: RC51Mike

                                                  Sat down at Hollywood Grill , waited for service, walked out after 10 minutes. Dont know if i will try again. For now, just sticking with large chain restaurants. Tgif Fridays was really good today, but would rather eat at a good diner!!!!!!

                                                  1. re: bxkid

                                                    Give Lucky's a try. One good indicator- I read they are using LeBus rolls.

                                              2. I just moved to Newport. Lived in Newark for College, then traveled a bit.
                                                Couple of places my wife and I found:

                                                Indian Food: Taste of India on Kirkwood Hwy, it is in the back of the shopping center with Brew Ha Ha and on the same block as the YMCA (really weird to drive to the back of the shopping center.) Friendly's and Burger King are on same side and adjacent. If anyone has ever eaten at Samosa's in Philadelphia, you will appreciate this place. Inexpensive, authentic, and great food. A real gem.

                                                Pizza: Alpha Pizza on Rt. 4 as you head north from the 141 rt 4 intersection in Newport. We love the pizza from this place.

                                                Italian: Lamberti's is good, but Cafe' Napoli is to die for. This little place is in the Kohl's/AC Moore Shopping Center on Kirkwood Hwy. I recommend any of the tortellini dishes!

                                                Organic: Homegrown Cafe in Newark DE. My wife loves their blackened tuna sandwhich. All their food is great, and their appetizers are really fantastic. Not Expensive either.

                                                For shopping, try Trader Joe's on Rt. 202. Lots of Organic and Fair Trade foods. If you like coffee, definatly pick up on some of their whole bean stuff. Really tastey!

                                                Coffee: Brewed Awakenings in Newark on main street. Mom and pop style coffee shop, and when you go in on an evening you may hear a guitar or some poetry from the local students.

                                                Breakfast: Only one place to go, Post House in Newark on main street. You will literally feel like you fell backwards into the 50's. Good food, great service, and everyone sits on little bar stools at the single counter in the place.

                                                Unfortunatly, Newark had some really neat restaurants in the 90's (before Cafe' Gelato and Homegrown were established. But one (Deerpark) sold out to a chain called McGlynns and the other one (East End Cafe') decided booze was a better draw than good food when it changed management. East End was a terrible loss, inexpenisve ecclectic, and suprisingly inexpensive food. Likewise, Crab Trap was recently knocked down as well and it was fun to eat there for Chesapeak Style seafood.

                                                Liquor and Beer: I am a big fan of State Line Liquor on Elkton Rd. south of Newark.

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                                                1. re: dworsley

                                                  Thank you, thank you, thank you for the rec for Alpha Pizza!! I can't believe it took us so long, but we tried it last night and are officially hooked.

                                                  Greek style pizza, thick crust, garlicy sauce. Absolutely delicious! Serious mom and pop shop. No printed menus- they gave my husband a business card with their name and hours on it. He said the cheesesteaks looked amazing, too.

                                                  I have a feeling we'll be back before the weekend is over.....

                                                2. mexican-the taqueria los compadres acros from BK and friendlys on kirkwood highway
                                                  pizza- Doms by conrad and richey middle and elemntry
                                                  baked goods- serpes across the old value city