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Sep 8, 2006 04:41 PM

Moving to the Newport, DE area- looking for new spots

Hi all,

My husband and I will be moving to South Wilmington (near Newport) from Media, PA. I don't know any of the area restaurants/ take out places with the exeption of the riverside chains. Any reccommendations, be it restaurants, pizza, sandwiches, Chinese, or (if I dare ask) sushi would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!!

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  1. I like the Border Cafe (the sign says EAT) on Rt. 7 near the SPCA a few minutes away (head South down Rt. 4 towards the Christiana Hospital). It's a Mexican/Cajun joint that is very inexpensive. Great fried catfish tacos, big delicious salmon dinners for $13, fajitas, margaritas, and all you can eat free chips and salsa. Kids dinners are all of $2.98.

    Decent but expensive Indian food can be found up Rt. 141 at Rt. 41 at the Palace of Asia.

    Sushi is OK at Mikimoto's downtown, as is Deep Blue there. Also, Genelle's has good Caribbean food on Market Street there and it's very cheap. Try the curry and johnnycakes if you go.

    Delaware, as you will find out, is not exactly a food mecca. Maybe that's why we eat in Kennett Square so much.

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    1. re: bluehensfan

      Based on 3 recs from this thread, I finally got my husband to Border Cafe for dinner tonight. Thank you for sending us here! We probably never would have traveled down there and it was exactly what we've been looking for. Great food, inexpensive, and a wide variety of menu options.

      This is why I love Chowhound! Not to mention fresh margaritas =)

      1. re: jessicheese

        Wow...we were there too that night, although it's getting to be an almost weekly trip for us. It has been getting crowded there early (perhaps I should stop touting the place?) on Fridays so watch out after 6 PM unless you want a long wait. The food is indeed very good and consistent there and is resonably priced. As I've said somewhere else, the only downside is that your clothing smells like fajitas sometimes after a visit, although wool seems to fare better than cotton. Enjoy!

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      1. There is decent sushi at Mikasa (3602 Kirkwood Hwy) and also at Utage, in Independence Mall on Rte. 202 in Wilmington. Mikimoto's has sushi, but they have one of those goofy sushi menus that has a lot of non-sushi items on it (Crab Rangoon-esque). It bugs me, so I don't eat sushi there. They have a lot of other OK food, though.

        I cannot recommend a single pizza place in Northern Delaware. Having grown up on the Jersey Shore, I have very specific ideas about what pizza should be, and this area does not meet my standards!

        Please do a search on the Mid-Atlantic board for "DE" or "Wilmington" or "Delaware" and you will find a lot of suggestions.

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        1. re: travelmad478

          I stumbled on some good Jersey-ish pizza this past weekend, suprisingly enough. If you're on campus in Newark, try Pizza U in the shopping center on Main St. They keep one lone cheese pizza in front for slices but it's definitely geared toward take-out. You might like it.

          1. re: spyturtle008

            Thanks for that--will keep it in mind, although I rarely find myself in Newark. I live very close to Gallucio's in Trolley Square (Wilmington) and it does the job for pizza emergencies. When I want a real pie I head back to my parents' house in Jersey!

            1. re: travelmad478

              Huh. I live a few blocks down in Wawaset, but work at UD. Was desperate for a quick bite between movies at the recent Newark Film Fest and that's how I ended up at Pizza U. Just when I'd given up hope... My partner and I have been known to make pilgrimages to Ocean City, NJ, for Mack & Manco fixes...

              Gallucio's is good for their straight-ahead pies, and has a pretty laid-back neighborhood bar feel to it. Yep, a good spot for emergencies...

          2. re: travelmad478

            I had thought that the thoughts about bad pizza in Northern DE had to be an exaggeration. Now, after sampling (and tossing) pizzas from FOUR different places I believe you!!! What's with the pizza crusts around here? It makes Pizza Hut seem like a possibility soon.

            I'll be venturing beyond delivery toward some of the other places mentioned on this thread and seeing what I can find. Do I dare ask about Chinese in Newport/ New Castle?

            1. re: jessicheese

              I have lived in Wilmo for 8 years and still despair of ever finding a decent pizza place. Don't go to Pizza Hut, though, please! No local places are really great, but there are definitely better options than Pizza Hut. Just don't get any chain pies, even local chains. Grotto and Pat's are truly vile.

              I don't know about Chinese in Newport/New Castle, but I do recommend Bon House on Kirkwood Highway at Rte. 7. I've posted about it--you can do a search.

              1. re: travelmad478

                The Bon House used to be the best but has changed ownership. The owners now run Confucius in Rehoboth (Wilmington Ave) which is now the best in DE

                1. re: travelmad478

                  The Crownery in Hockessin has excellent Chinese food. We go there at least once a month and are never disappointed. The food is pretty typical for Americanized Chinese food, but they make it with quality ingredients (their General Tso's chicken is made with white meat). We've never had a bad meal there.


                2. re: jessicheese

                  I feel your pain re pizza. Check out Tony's Cafe, which is sort of hidden away in a strip mall at the corner of Possum Park and Paper Mill Roads, north of Newark. Probably the best pizza I've had around here.

                  1. re: pronek

                    Tony's Cafe is without a doubt the best pizza around Northern Delaware. 336 Possum Park Rd 19711 737-2411 - very small seating area - great cannolis also!

                  2. re: jessicheese

                    Re: Chinese, not exactly in New Castle / Newport, but not too far and worth the trip, imho, is Shang Hai in Claymont. They've got a 'regular' and a Chinese menu. There's a recent thread on this place w/ specific menu recommendations at:


                    I've been living in the area for three years and this is the only Chinese place I'll eat at outside of Philly.

                    1. re: jessicheese

                      You can try Pizza Pan on rt. 202 in PA, north of Wilmington. Not very impressive in the seating department, and for some reason the pie doesn't reheat as well as others I've had, but fresh pizza is really good and a commendable crust. Only complain, sometimes George burns the crust when he's busy :(

                  3. We love Pizza by Elizabeths in Greenville. My son loves Jasmine on Concord Pike for Asian. On Rt. 141 just outside New Castle is Ioannoni's for great roast beef, pork and sausage sandwiches.

                    1. Places that I enjoy that are not too far from you:

                      Kahl-Bee -Korean on Rte 2 (Kirkwood Highway) near the Value City
                      Bangkok House - Thai on Union St near the intersection with Lancaster Pike (Rte 48)
                      Pastabilites - Italian on Lincoln St in Little Italy
                      Capriottis - lots of locations including Union St in Little Itlay - good subs - esp the roast turkey.