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Sep 8, 2006 04:41 PM

good take out near cedars sinai

need to bring good lunch to friend in cedar's hospital, any suggestions close by?
Thanks in advance

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  1. BREAD BAR! across the street on 3rd street

    delicious sandwiches, good quiche, nice pastries- esp the apricot!

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    1. re: msmd310

      breadbar's staff is incredibly polite and accomodating on the phone. they always have the food ready when i arrive too. wish they delivered!

    2. It's not perfectly consistent, but when it's good, I actually really like the matzo ball soup from Jerry's Famous across the street on Beverly. Nothing else there much floats my boat, but that soup, with big chunks of chicken and the cooked carrots can be really nice.

      1. If you want something more exotic, upscale, and special for someone bored to death lying in a hospital room. I've noticed that Chaya packages their food for a delivery service; so if they'll do that for them, why not for you? Very close by on Alden (about 1 block?)

        Chaya Brasserie
        8741 Alden Dr.
        (310) 859-8833

        1. Joan's on third.
          good selection of salads, sandwiches, soup and sweets. for lunch, I like the turkey metaloaf sandwich-order it warm on a crisp baguette.
          they do alot of takeout so you can always phone in your order ahead for speedy pickup.

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          1. In the past, I've had take-out-to-Cedars successes from Michelia, 8738 W. Third St., Among other things they make acceptable, if radically overpriced, versions of banh mi.

            Also Newsroom, on Robertson, is a stalwart.

            I agree with David about Jerry's matzo ball soup (both that it's surprisingly good and that you should order absolutely nothing else on the menu).