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Sep 8, 2006 03:50 PM

Where can i find ground chuck?

Hi, this may be a no-brainer but I'm having a tough time finding ground chuck in local supermarkets. I've looked at Foodies in the South End, the Shaws in Dorchester, Lamberts in Dorchester, even the Butcher Shop in the South End, but luck. Chuck is 80/20 (80% lean) and I've found 85% or higher, or even 70%, but not 80%. Just want to make some decent burgers and good chuck is always the best for that. Anywhere in Boston is fine, Cambridge is harder but do-able if necessary.
I suppose I can try Savenor's but I'm thinking this is fairly basic and I should be able to get it at a supermarket. HELP!

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  1. If you go to a supermarket while the butchers are on duty, you can hand them a chuck roast and ask them to grind it for you. I've done this at both the Shaw's on Comm Ave and the Allston Stop and Shop.

    1. Have you tried the S&S in South Cove? Or a Market Basket or Johnnie's Foodmaster? We get 80/20 regularly in the burbs.

      1. Remember, 80/20 is not necessarily chuck; it's just whatever scraps they have around that approximate that fat ratio.

        Whole Foods, has ground chuck, I think.

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          RE Whole Foods, they do have ground chuck, but I've never seen it marked fattier than 85% lean, unfortunately. Although they do all have butcher counters, so you could probably get them to grind a shoulder (or whatever you'd like) fresh for you. (I'll have to try that, actually!)

        2. Right. Good point. I'm learning that as I go along. Just called Lamberts and they will grind a shoulder for me, which is apparently considered chuck. So, all's good, I think.

          1. I read on Chowhound that there's a good place in the north end for this (search BostonBob's posts), on a street a few blocks into Hannover on the right.

            Wouldn't worry excessively about ground chuck though, it's available everywhere and there are few recipes that want both ground chuck and some sort of extraordinary beef.

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              I buy ground chuck and a lot of other things at Sulmona on Parmenter St..between Hanover and Salem...always ground to order. Makes a great burger.

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                That sounds like the place, maybe it was your post that I remember 9lives.