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Sep 8, 2006 03:34 PM

Pre-Opera Tonight

I will be attending La Boheme tonight at Lincoln Center. Would like a recommendation for a light pre-opera dinner.

We would prefer to stay within a 10 block radius of Lincoln Center. Looking for great food and trendy ambiance - NOT the typical stuffy/touristy theater district restaurant.


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  1. Perhaps Rosa Mexicano? It's right there, and the food is pretty good.

    1. Telepan - 69th and Columbus Newish American, nice space...lots of fans on CH

      La Boite en Bois (sp?) 68th and Columbus, a quaint French bistro

      Different types of spots, but both great... do a search and you can get detailed info on each one... I like them both very much for different reasons...Telepan is the trendier of the two...

      Another favorite of mine a little south of Licoln Center is Gabriel's on 60th, just west of b'way...
      Terrific Italian food in a great looking space...its hip and an old favorite...if that makes sense. Been around for a long time and has remained consistent and well liked.

      Good service at all three...

      Enjoy your evening...