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Sep 8, 2006 03:33 PM

Does Julien still exist?

After reading another post about the Cafe Fleuri chocolate bar I went to the Langham website to see what Julien was up to these days.

Problem is, Julien (the restaurant) is not on the Langham website anymore, only Julien Bar and Lounge is. What's up? Is Julien now only the function hall at the Langham?

I only made it to Julien during Restaurant Week a couple years ago, and had a great time, although the room and service seriously overshadowed the food.

I wouldn't be sad to see Julien go (especially its prices), but it would suck if another operation didn't come in to take advantage of the incredible dining room.

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    1. It's still on the Langham Hotel's website, but I guess it is just a bar now? Replaced by Cafe Fleuri?

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      1. re: Bob Dobalina

        That's correct; the bar and lounge is still open, thank goodness--love the ostentatious place.

      2. officially, julien has closed. it would seem except for aujourd'hui, boston no longer can support formal hotel dining rooms.

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        1. re: hotoynoodle

          Do you not consider Rialto & Meritage candidates?

        2. The Julien bar was an antechamber to the grand, splendid Julien room; the latter was the Board of Governors room for the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston when the building housed the local Fed. Cafe Fleuri was sited in prosthetic bridge between the old building and One Post Office Square.

          I never had anything less than a wonderful meal at Julien, and am sad to hear of its closing; the place was unique.

          1. I too went during Rest. Week 2 years ago (and once years ago) and had a very nice meal. I really wanted to go again this year and was bummed to see it wasn't offered, now I know why. That room is amazing and hopefully won't just fade into use for private functions only. Damn.