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Prepping for Chocolate bar

I'm going to the all-you-can-eat chocolate bar at Café Fleuri in the Langham hotel in Boston.


How do you guys think I should prepare for this feast? ie, what should I eat for breakfast so that I won't get sick when I go, but I can still maximum eatage of chocolate!!



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  1. We go with a group of 6-8 friends every February or March, as a kind of antidote to the winter blahs. We usually try to have a small but protein-heavy breakfast - I like a couple of scrambled eggs best, myself.

    1. Speaking from personal experience, don't go with the worst hangover you've ever had. Even if you can keep the food down, it will be a waste of money.

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          Good call on that one. I would say a bowl or fruit or maybe a glass of water?

        2. I go really light on breakfast before a visit to the Chocolate Bar, and plan to linger and chat so you're not stuffing yourself and sitting in food coma. Pacing is key!

          Please post your impressions and favorite dishes- the selection has been different the past few years I've gone and I'd like to know what's best this year and what's not worth the stomach real estate ;-)

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            Yes, I heard there'd be some savory chocolate-based dishes on it this year that sounded fascinating...

          2. thanks guys! i'm going tomorrow, so I'll take pics (unless they don't let me), post them somewhere, and make an entry about it!!

            1. so I went yesterday and took pictures. I also typed a little something about what's good/bad (from what I could remember. there are so many desserts!) here's the site with my pics/description: http://web.mac.com/ngfrank/iWeb/Site/...

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                Isn't the bread pudding awesome!! For me, that is reason in itself to go. I go with a bunch of girlfriends every december--for the treats as well as the experience. I have talked about it so much that for the last two years, I have taken other people who were sick of hearing me gush.
                That being said, I think your review was right on the money--it definitely pays to be choosy and there tend to be a lot of fluffy, mousse-like desserts. Still, wouldn't miss it for the world and if you haven't tried it--its a lot of fun!

              2. Hey, chowda, I think I gained 5 pounds from looking at your slideshow! Thanks for the glorious pix. I've been meaning to get there, and you have convinced me.

                1. If you go to the chocolate bar, consider ordering a side order of french fries. The last time I was at the chocolate bar, I ordered the FF's and it made the chocolate taste better. Plus I needed something salty to offset all that sweet.