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Sep 8, 2006 03:06 PM

Looking for Tong Shui (Cantonese Desserts)

Are there any restaurants that sell a good, varied selection of tong shui (red bean soup etc) now that both sweet-n-tart locations in manhattan are gone?

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  1. I've never seen tong shui on a menu but quite a few Chinatown restaurants have given me bowls of it at the end of a meal. Which means they have it. I guess you just have to ask. Once at New Big Wang they gave me a bowl made with sweet corn! (likely the canned creamed corn that oldtimers love)

    1. Sweet and Tart Cafe at 76 Mott street in Chinatown. Well known for their Tong Shui.

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        it is closed. the only sweet n' tart left is in flushing, sadly.

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          I thought only the 20 Mott location closed and the 76 Mott was still open. Not the case?


      2. I'll answer my own question as I just called - both locations in Manhattan are closed.

        1. yeah, the restaurant just closed a couple of weeks ago, while the cafe was closed last year. the sign on the door of the big one said they lost their lease. very sad. this was a favorite for so long. i don't know where else to find tong shui!

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            The Sweet n Tart in Flushing is still going strong, and it's very close to the subway station.

          2. xo kitchen on hester street between bowery and elizabeth and Sun Dou dumpling shop on grand street between elizabeth and mott.