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Sep 8, 2006 02:40 PM

Maine Seacoast Restaurants Needed

We will be staying in Portland, Boothbay Harbor, Bar Harbor and Bangor and need restaurant recs for those areas. Lunch places for salads would be appreciated and medium priced dinner restaurants.

Does anyone know how the lobster pounds work? We have one person that does not eat either fish or seafood, and want to know how we can handle going to a lobster pound. Also is it BYOB? Do they have anything in addition to lobster? How late are they open?


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  1. Well Fred, you'll need to do a little work in the forums for recommendations on all the locations you will be visiting. Their are plenty of recent postings to peruse on each area.

    The lobsterpound-style restaurants vary, but most - The Lobsterman's Co-Op in Boothbay Harbor, Robinson's Wharf on Southport (very close to Boothbay Harbor), Cook's Lobster on Bailey Island, and Boone's Restaurant on Commercial Street in Portland have nonseafood options featuring many things tossed into a cauldron of boiling oil, like chicken nuggets. Cooks has steaks. Robinson's has fried up burgers, chicken fingers, etc.

    I wouldn't expect your nonseafood lover to rave about the landlubber items served up at any of these places...

    1. As someone who doesn't eat seafood, I can tell you that The Lobsterman's Coop (it has a new name now, though) in Boothbay Harbor on Atlantic Ave. has pretty good burgers and fries.

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        Had the lobster at the Coop and it was excellent. My friends had the crab salad sandwich and the chicken sandwich with fries and really liked it. Good rec. Thanks

      2. Just returned from Bar Harbor today. Can recommend Havana -- wonderful Cuban/Caribbean flavors, The Burning Tree in Otter Creek -- Wonderful, fresh flavors, fresh herbs, focus is on seafood, and XYZ in Manset -- authentic Mexican, extremely flavorful (and spicy) and very reasonably priced. The margaritas are fantastic.

        Also ate at the former Lobstermen's Coop for lunch today. I think it's renamed to Boothbay Harbor Lobster something-or-another. Great 1.5 lb. hard-shelled lobster and corn for my husband ($20), I had the fried scallop and clam combo. Scallops were huge and sweet, clams were not very good -- tough, tasteless.

        1. With regard to BYOB, it's pretty much hit or miss. Lobsterman's Coop in Boothbay Harbor has beer on tap with wine and wine coolers available.

          Chauncey Creek Lobster Pound outside of Kittery, on the other hand, is strictly BYOB.

          Generally speaking, if a place has a web site, it will usually mention the availability of drinks or BYOB policies. If further in doubt, call them up.

          Google can be a very good help in this regard.

          Good luck!

          1. Had a great lobster pound experience at the Tidal Falls Lobster Pound in Hancock (just off Route 1, north of Ellsworth--there are signs) in July. It's at the end of a residential street, looks over, oddly enough, the Tidal Falls. Friendly folks, good food. Picnic benches scattered across the lawn...
            My brother and SIL (who live up there) LOVE Havana.