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Sep 8, 2006 02:19 PM

Las Vegas: Olives or Fix?

I have never been disappointed with any of my meals at Olives, and have actually been very happy with the overall quality. We are considering going back there for an early dinner before a 7pm poker tourney @ the Mirage. However, there seems to be a fairly large number of positive comments about the food at Fix. And with the recent departure of Eric Klein from SW Steakhouse @ Wynn to be executive chef @ Fix, we are considering going to Fix. I know it is a very trendy place and quite honestly, that will not matter to us as much as the quality of the food. Does anyone have a strong opinion either way? Even though Fix get alot of good press, there are a few nay-sayers and not necessarily looking to have to shout over the noise to chat w/buddies. And is Stack in the Mirage just as good? THANKS in advance for your thoughts.

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  1. I have not been to Olives, but I love Fix. It has been outstanding every time I have been. I have not been since the new chef arrived, so I hope they have not changed too much, Give it a try.

    1. Olives has a great view...but the food imho is mediocre. I have had better food for significantly less money. Haven't been to FIX, but I know a couple who has that likes it. I had been considering SW for my next trip, will have to consider FIX now that Eric Klein is the chef(I hadn't heard that).

      I HAVE been to Prime, which is INCREDIBLE. Some of the best restaurant ambience you'll ever see, and we had dessert and coffee on the outdoor terrace with the fountains. If you like steak, well, it was great there. Michael Mina is also a great place, very soothing, modern ambience, I have never been more relaxed in a restaurant, and the food is sooooooo good.

      1. Olives is the site of the single worst dining experience in my 48 years. Food was unmemorable and the service was absolutely, stupendously awful. So even though I've never been to Fix, it's an easy recommendation.

        1. I haven't been to Fix yet, but I've been to Olives. Like others, I must say it was awful. Extremely expensive and the food was just ok. The service was very poor. Not just casual, which it was, but bad. We couldn't get another round of drinks, each course took forever to come out...just a bad experience all around. We won't be back.