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Sep 8, 2006 01:53 PM

Chateaubriand at How's Market

I see this week How's is advertising prime-grade chateaubriand for $5.98 per pound. The description says it is thick-cut beef sirloin. I also did some searching on Chowhound about what exactly a chateaubriand cut is supposed to be, and it seems that a true cut is from the center of the beef tenderloin. This may be a dumb question but does that mean the thick sirloin How's is advertising is from a different section and not a true chateubriand? For $5.98 per pound I am thinking that is probably the case but I'm sure I can find out the right answer on this board! In any event, anyone have any opinions as to the quality of the "chateaubriand" How's has on sale?

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  1. Back in NY chateaubraing is filet, out here in Calif. it is just another name for Top Sirloin. I have had almost cut with a fork chateaubriand and some not so tender, just look at the meat to decide. Of course their prime rib eye is to die for when on sale.

    1. What your market label as chateaubriand is a thick cut from the top sirloin and not from the center of a beef filet. That name was used years ago as a marketing ploy to sell the lesser cut of beef. The chateaubriand on sale probably is about 5" by 12" and 1 1/2 inch thick.

      1. Thanks for your replies. How's sells good meat (at least in my opinion) so I am just surprised that they would apply that label to plain top sirloin and not the "real thing." But for $5.99 what can you expect. At least it is prime grade. I've had their other meats (and their weekend tri tip) and they're all yummy.

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          "Thick Cut Steak, Quality, Tender, Beef Sirloin"

          They make the disclosure right under Chateaubriand, so no one can really fault them for deceptive advertising.

          However, I bought this cut from Hows a couple of months ago, and I will not buy it again. Quite dry, not tough exactly, and little flavor.

          Stick with their rib eyes, tri tips, flank and skirt steaks...

          1. re: Joe Blowe

            You are right, they do make this disclosure right on the ad (which is good) but I would just expect a place like How's to advertise the real thing to begin with since they have a good reputation for their meats. Thanks for your impressions of the cut, though. Speaking of their skirt steaks, we had this a couple of weeks ago and they were soooo good.

        2. Last week, I pulled a couple of Prime NYs out of the freezer (purchsaed a couple of months ago when they were $5.99/lb). After letting them defrost, I cooked them on the grill over oak, with just a little bit of seasoning. To get a better steak, you'd have to spend $30 at least. And with this being the height of tomato season, I had a nice heirloom tomato & onion salad on the side...all on the comfort of my back porch. You really can't beat HOWS' meat deals. Stock up when you find something you like; they'll keep just fine for a few months in the freezer.

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          1. re: Jack Flash

            Exactly. I always stock up when they Prime NY's are on sale. How's is great but their BBQ's have slipped a little.