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Sep 8, 2006 01:52 PM

Ribs and Brews - Lowell. This weekend?

Anyone going to this? Does anyone have any idea as to where the 2006 event info is located on the 'net?

I found this info on the NEBS website:

Sept 9-10
Lowell Rib'n Brews Festival
Lucy Larkem Park, Lowell, MA

The link I found below is actually to 2005's event schedule.

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  1. I searched "Lowell Rib'n Brews Festival 2006" and found the link below - it's Sept 8 & 9 this year.

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      weird, I thought I did the same. Thanks!

    2. Correction -- Sept 9 & 10 this year. Sorry.

      1. A few years back I went to the Westford Pig n'Pepper which according to the site, this has replaced. You could walk around and see/smell all these people cooking great bbq but you couldnt try/buy any of it! They had a vendor area where all the regular local bbq joints had trucks. Firefly's, etc... We felt it was a ripoff of the coverprice which was $10 each at the time, now $5 in lowell i see.

        Anyway we were not impressed. I think we had 5-6 people go and spend $50-60 just to get in and buy bbq (at inflated menu pricing) from a local restaurant that we could have simply gone to in the 1st place if we wanted their food!

        Perhaps the microbrew part makes this worthwhile? I dunno.

          1. re: hargau

            Nope, something else came up in town so I stuck around Boston. I had heard about the no-tasting from the competitors but hoped to get around that as I assumed an aquaintance would be competing (turns out his team didn't this year).

          2. We went Saturday. It is similar to the old Pig n' Pepper concept, although the set up was better. The BBQ competitors were around by the riverwalk, where you can check them out, but you can't taste. The main area had 3 BBQ vendors to buy from (Redbones, M&M, and I forget) and a few hot sauce and T shirt slingers. Then there were two large tents, one with loud live music, a bar and picnic tables and the other for the Microbrew tasting. We did the micro tasting first, which wasn't too crowded late Sat afternoon, and had a lot of good breweries present. For $20 you could basically taste as much as you want, and then vote for a favorite. When you turn in your vote (one vote only), you get a free glass. My vote went to Magic Hat "Jinx". A lovely autumn brew, which is just the slightest bit smokey, with a sweet and hoppy finish. Now for the bad news, we didn't actually taste any BBQ. While waiting in a long line for M&M ribs, a downpour ensued, complete with thunder and lighting - so we bagged. The microbrew tasting was a good time though - it's all about the beer ;)

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              yea sounds like the beer is what saved it. The old pig n pepper didnt have the beer at all, so we were pretty bummed out by the whole thing!