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Sep 8, 2006 01:33 PM

Anyone Heard of "Fried Coke"?

No, not like your brain on drugs LOL.

I was just watching a segment on NBC. The chef's name (I think they said his name was Alex Gonzalez, from Texas) was preparing a "fried coke" desert. Yes, you got that right. Fried coke.

Apparently it's small, coke flavored dough balls which he deep fries, powders with confectioner's sugar, puts in a coke glass and tops with whipped cream (of course). Maybe there was some coke syrup too. They looked like small zeppoles.

I don't know - this sounds kind of unappealing to me personally, although maybe I'm being too harsh. I did recently taste a cake made with 7-Up of all things that was surprisingly tasty, so, who knows?

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  1. Fried Coke balls are a new one on me, but 7-Up cake was a pretty common dessert of my southern youth, and Coca Cola cake is also a southern classic, though less common. Frying such things just seems like the logical next step, at least down here!

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    1. re: Low Country Jon

      Good lord, what's next - deep fried cigarettes?

      1. re: newJJD

        You're comment made me laugh out loud! I'll bet there's a deep fried tobacco cake or something out there...

    2. I remember a 7-Up cake from my youth, too. My mom used a fork to poke holes in the cake, then poured the 7-Up over it. Or something like that.

      It wasn't my favorite cake.:)

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      1. Yep, I heard about it on an NPR segment yesterday. Apparently, this guy is a food vender at the Texas State Fair. He was talking with someone who was being sarcastic and said, "What will they fry next? Coke?" And the more he thought of it, the more he figured he could do it.

        The batter/dough coes have coke in it.

        Eeek, not my thing.

        Here's the link to the Talk of the Nation yesterday

          1. re: teegee

            Boy that Teegee's on the ball.


          2. I just saw a report on that ... crazy. But the article I saw also mentioned deep-fried cosmopolitans. How does one do that?? (not that I'm planning on messing with my cosmo, but I'm curious.)

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            1. re: Chocolatechipkt

              Deep fried cosmos? Now that's just so - Wrong!