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Sep 8, 2006 01:12 PM

Kam Man Center and Pho Yuen Dong

Okay, I can't believe I was the last one to go, but Kam Man Center is truly amazing. One of my friends from the South Shore and I spent the whole afternoon there yesterday, and that was cutting it short...

Don't be fooled, like I was, and think that just because Super88 is your neighborhood market, there's nothing for you there...Beautiful, clean, fish tanks (I even bought a live tilapia that wasn't muddy!), about TWICE the selection of packaged goods (I bought TC a case of mushroom noodles that he had fallen in love with, but S88 had stopped carrying), a plethora of jars I didn't even know what to do with (but bought anyway), good frozen selection, prepared foods on one side, giftware, oh damn, I'm salivating again!

We did a walk-thro of the International Buffet, and were almost lured to lunch there (I'll be back with Mom), but instead, went with our plan to do Pho Yuen Dong. It was as good as everyone said it was; the only thing that didn’t compare with the Dorchester or Ctown Vietnamese was they didn't offer bee bo mon, or fish 7 ways...

The banh xieo we had was huge, hot, crisp and non-greasy. Great selection of greens. My friend had a combo bun, which she raved about, and was quite large. I had one of my bellwether dishes, Spicy sour fisherman soup, with catfish. Huge, tender pieces of fresh, not frozen catfish...maybe from the tanks next door? ;)
We ate WAYYYYYYYYYYtoo much.

We then proceeded to the mall-let next door (still a lot of empty spaces), and spent too much time looking at tchochkes at the Kam Man Marketplace, where I purchased some lovely wooden rice bowls from the high-priced pottery shop in the back corner...What a combo of Hello Kitty and cheap cooking ware...

Directions I had were excellent, posted, maybe by Slade, or one of the Sshore hounds last year...I’ll reprise them here....

“Since I live very close to Kam Man, I'll chime in here with directions to my house that I e-mail to friends but, modified to go to Kam Man. This is a much more direct route and you avoid many traffic lights. The following are directions from the North and from the South. Don't bother with the Super 88 in Quincy; It's rather smallish as it occupies what used to be a CVS.

From the North:
Take I93 south to route 3 south.
*** I93 splits. Route 3 will be the three left lanes. I93 will be the two right lanes. Big overhead sign, can’t miss it.

Take exit 18 (Washington St./Quincy Adams.
At the I93/R3 split stay right on the Route 3 lanes. Exit 18 is immediate after the 93/3 split.

The exit ramp will become 3 lanes, get to the far right lane to follow to Washington St./Braintree NOT Quincy Ctr.

At the traffic light take a left and get into right lane. (Chrysler dealer on right)

At first traffic light bear right onto Washington.
*** Do not take sharp right that goes behind the Chrysler dealer.

Follow Washington St to end (Franklin St).

Take left onto Franklin St and at blinking lights (first right) take right onto Kendrick Av.

Follow Kendrick Av to end (Quincy Av)

Take right onto Quincy Av and get in right lane.

The first traffic light is Kam Man. Make a right into the plaza.”

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  1. I've actually heard that the International Buffet it pretty good. I'm usually wary about any kind of place that specializes in buffets, but I have heard from two people that it is worth going to.

    Has anyone tried it?

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    1. re: hiddenboston

      I went to the International Buffet a few years ago, and I found all the foods franged from typical Americanized Chinese food to much lower quality than that. (They even had cold fried mozzarella sticks).

      Also, when ever I go to meet up with friends who live in Quincy, I always suggest that we eat at Pho Yuen Dong or Grumpy Whites, (my favorite Quincy restaurants).

      1. re: eatanddestroy

        Mozzarella sticks? OK, that's all I need to know. Thanks for the warning! ;-b

        What do you like at Grumpy White's? It's one of many interesting-looking restaurant in Quincy that I have yet to try. (There seem to be a number of interesting places along Route 53--need to get down there again soon.)

        1. re: hiddenboston

          I am not a huge fan of greasy food, but there is something about Grumpy's. It could be their cheap 20oz of beer. They have the best potato skins that I have had in the area (but you MUST remember to ask them to use real bacon). Their burgers are also really tasty and are even better if you choose the garlic bread buns. Their fried chicken is also good (even though it is just a boneless piece) since their fry master has perfected his/her craft.

          1. re: eatanddestroy

            They have a very tasty meatball sub-on a little baguette, no less! Go there. Good steak tips, too. And I know folks love their fish and chips. It's that kind of menu (i.e. maybe you had one or two too many the night before and need a burger and a beer kind of place)and they do all of those well.

            If you live in Quincy, it's a definite, reliable place for when, say, you've done yard work all day so you're too tired to cook and don't want the mental challenge of trying to remember one of those intriguing places you've been meaning to try!

    2. There were whole steamed fish, and three different green-lipped mussel preps, which almost had me....

      1. Glad you liked you experience (and directions). At the beginning practically all those empty spaces where occupied. It felt like you were in an enclosed little Hong Kong. But, they just couldn't seem to hang on, many got busted for selling counterfeit clothing brands and "couch" bags for $20 etc... Now they just come and go like flies.

        1. I am glad to see a discussion I can sink my teeth into :)

          I love Grumpy White's as well. My favorite dishes there are the fish and chips and the meatloaf, which is really tasty. They also have a very nice Prime Rib on Thursday-Sunday. It's exactly as said above...when I don't feel like cooking, I'll go there for a dirt cheap, delicious simple meal. I love the waitresses there too; they are right out of a 50's diner.

          As for International Buffet, don't let the fact that they have Mozarella sticks fool you. Of course, it's a buffet, so it will never be quite up to the standards of the finest chinese food. However, just ignore the American food and stick with the food for the "real Chinese" in the other areas. They have excellent Shu mai, and their seafood is wonderful. Huge salt and pepper shrimp, flounder in black bean sauce, strange flavor chicken, even a decent rendition of peking duck. Whenever I go in there, it's mostly Chinese families, so I imagine that's a good sign. Make sure to go when it's busy, so that the food is fresh, and you can put together a very nice meal for $15.

          1. Yes, the Pho Yuen Dong is great & the Inernational Buffet is not so great. If you are looking for something quick and smaller try Ba Le inside the Kam Man mall. They feature a sub called a bun mi a barbeque beef is great for your average American palette but a regular is special for those who can handle a real Vietnamesse sandwich.