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Sep 8, 2006 01:05 PM

Zen Mei Bistro--Mini Review

Had a very enjoyable and filling dinner at Zen Mei in Chinatown last night.
There were 3 of us so we each chose a dish--mine was the house special won ton soup. For around five dollars you get a huge bowl filled with meaty wontons, squid, shrimp, pork, and vegetables. I really liked the brothy soup it was immersed in--very tasty.
The other two dishes were the Chinese broccoli and beef--again, a huge portion of beef on top of sauteed broccoli. Quite good! The third dish was the scallops with snow peas and water chestnuts. This was okay, a little too much garlic for me, and perhaps not enough scallops.
BTW, Zen is celebrating their 1 year anniversary, so if you order a minimum of $20, you get a free plate of their crispy, salty shrimp. I think this is actually one of their best dishes--very large shrimp, crispy and delicious.

I think our bill came to around $23 for the whole dinner plus we came home with lots of leftovers.

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  1. Zen Mei has had that one year anniversary deal going for about four years! But I'm not complaining, cos that's some tasty unshelled shrimp.

    This is a nice little family run joint off the beaten Chinatown path, with retro diner-style booth seating and solid if unremarkable fare. They do a tasty dry fried string beans, hearty kung pao chicken with lots of peppers, generous servings of very pleasant seafood soups, and usually offer free bowls of taro-tapioca pudding for dessert. Cool little affordable place, and the neighborhood is hip to it, because they always have a full house.

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      Really? I had no idea they were there for that long already. That's funny that they made such a big deal about their 1 year anniversary special though. Maybe it's simply an anniversary that they're celebrating? In any case, the shrimp was delicious!

    2. I've always thought they had some of the best wontons in Chinatown. The ratio of shrimp to pork is reminiscent of the ones I had in Hong Kong. And their crispy fried chicken is really quite good.