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LOBSTERS - where in nyc?

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any suggestions as to where to go in manhattan saturday night

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  1. Francisco Centro Vasco on 23rd. There is no comparsion in NYC.

    1. what makes this place so special?

      1. and this place does not come up on menu pages? where on 23rd street

        1. Someone got to the recommendation before I did!! I was looking up the address for Francisco Centro Vasco....it's 159 W 23rd St. I've had the most succulent and well prepared lobsters there and just writing about it makes me want one at 9:30 in the morning. They will literally come to your table and tell you what size lobsters they have that night.....I've gotten mostly 2 - 2.5 pounders (female) and have loved them. I never got them stuffed, just broiled plain........wow.

          1. thanks all of you! I live right near there..do you suggest making a reservation?? Is this the place with the neon lobster sign outside? And do they have CHICKEN for my fiance??

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              shen- sorry, but dump her/him

            2. It is a spanish style lobster place, that is not the finest dining establishement, but is OK and the lobsters are spectacular. Go for the 2.5lbs. with is about $45 and probably the best lobster value around. Oh yeah, just get it broiled and get the spanish potatoes on the side, which are a cross between potato chips and home fries. Heavenly.

              1. do they have chicken and other menu items?

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                  yes, not sure how good they are, but yes.

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                    I am also a big fan of Centro Vasco...been going there for years with friends and family... small to large parties. Switched from El Quixote across the street. Some of my family still prefer it there, probably more nostalgia than anything else.

                    Anyway, to answer your question, pretty much everything on the menu is good... lobster is the way to go but we have had various things on the menu from shrimp dishes to meat dishes to chicken and everyone was always satisfied. even happy. You get a big family style mixed green salad to start, bread etc... The rice is good as well as the potatoes mentioned above, the appetizers are very good. Try the shrimp in garlic sauce, also in green sauce...don't forget to order a large pitcher of sangria... yum!

                    Now I am craving it... :-)

                    Oh, and definitely make a reservation or you will have a long wait...

                    Enjoy and let us know how it went!

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                      Has anyone tried the broiled seafood extravaganza? Is it worth it? The sheer quantity (that I imagine, at least) is mindboggling.

                2. another reliable lobster spot is Pearl Oyster Bar on Cornelia St, West Village, 1.5lbs most recently $27-29. Grilled or boiled.

                  1. I had a great lobster last summer at Blue Ribbon Bakery on Bedford Street

                      1. Shen -

                        I'm with the others who recommend Centro Vasco, (although I think the name of the place sounds less like a restaurant and more like a surgical procedure). However, I also feel that El Quijote should not be overlooked; equally delicious lobster, priced comparably and their other dishes are generally quite good. I like their Steak Quijote, and (for your fiance) the Arroz Con Pollo (chicken and rice) is very tasty. They will gladly plain-broil a chicken for your fiance, as well. As for the lobster, I usually get a 21⁄2 pounder, either steamed or broiled. (Personally, I happen to like the breadcrumb stuffing they use when they broil 'em.) Get the potatoes, have the soup (Caldo Gallego) avoid the salad (better at Burger King!) and enjoy your lobster.

                        1. HATE TO GIVE THIS ONE AWAY BUT best deal on the best tasting lobster happens on monday nights at mo's caribbean on second ave and 76 st. pound and a quater for $10 dollars (not a typo). all their lobsters are boiled in the same boiling water so it's really like cooking them in a lobster broth.

                          1. For reasons too numerous to list here, I find Francisco's "Centro Vasco" an insultingly bad restaurant.
                            The posters raving about it here obviously have their reasons, but just know, it's not for everyone.

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                              Centro Vasco is not an upscale joint, but for lobster, it is spectacular. Sure, you can get butter poached lobster at eleven madison, but for just lobster, I am not sure it can be beat. What specifically do you find insulting? I am interested.

                            2. Most Cantonese restaurants in Chinatown offer lobsters, and cook them well. They cut them into chunks though. Cantoon Garden used to have a deal that offered two lobsters for $16, with your choice of sauce. I choose XO. I saw the poster still up last week, but they might have raised the price.

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                                I just checked and it's $19 now.

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                                  You have to try the lobster E-Fu noodles/or haw fun with XO sauce. Its $25 at Cantoon.

                              2. Best Lobster deal is at Dock's on the Upper West Side ( Sunday and Monday nights (90th and Broadway) The lpoobster is always sweet. They have a clambake dinner including 2 (1 lb lobsters) , clams, steamed potatoes, cole slaw, corn, salad and ice cream or Key Lime Pie. I don't remember the exact price but it is approoximately $ 33 before tip. Reservations are a must.

                                1. another great lobster deal is at cafe espanol on carmine. love it!

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                                      oh man, looking at the menu, there's one of those crazy feasts like the ones mentioned above. Do you know when it's set to open?

                                    2. The best price per pound that I've found is at Francesco's Centro Vasco, and it's a nice restaurant.