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LOBSTER in nyc - big tasty ones

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can anyone suggest a place to go on sat night for lobsters? thanks

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  1. Saw people having six pounders at

    Palm Restaurant
    (212) 687-7698
    837 2nd Ave,
    New York, NY 10017+4303

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      Yes The Palm is the place--I have eaten a 4 pound lobster there and it was juicy and delicious-yum...

    2. Pearl on Cornellia St. or Mary's Fish Camp on West 4th.

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      1. Francisco's Centro Vasco on 23rd. They had a 12 piunder one night I was there but they consistantly have 3 plus on the menu

        1. I concur re the Palm, but like the Palm 2 a bit better - better kitchen, nicer staff, same menu. It is directly across the street (east side) from the original.

          1. I like the Palm 2 better too

            1. Colameco's Food Show just featured The Palm last week. Great history. The Palm gets something like 80% of all the large lobsters in NYC, so for the big ones, that's where you go.

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                Agree that Palm Too may be a better choice. Went to Palm last week and it is cramped, crowded and EXTREMELY LOUD. If I was not on someone else's tab, I would have walked out.

                The six pound lobster I shared was delicious though.

                Try the carrot cake too!

              2. I had really tasty lobster the other day at Oriental Garden at 14 Elizabeth in Manhattan. Sweet meat like the ones I got years ago in Plymouth, MA.

                1. Had a great 3+ pounder at Sparks once. Same neighborhood as Palm & Palm Too, which are very good choices as well, but a nicer room for sure.

                  1. Francesco's Centro Vasco in Chelsea specializes in Lobster...it is THE place for Lobster in NYC!

                    1. Blue Ribbon Sushi has one of the freshest and tastiest lobsters I've had in the whole city! FCV's is wonderful, too (and very good value for the $$).

                      1. my boss had a 5 pounder at SPARKS. I had the fillet mignon. both great. love the place.

                        1. most people will tell you that you should just order an additional smaller lobster, because bigger is not really better in terms of lobster... which is why Mary's doesn't serve 6 pound lobster.

                          1. Someone who orders a 5 lb. or more lobster also probably drives a Hummer around the city. It's an ego thing. I'l take a few 1 1/2's over a five any day. My uncle was a commercial
                            fisherman and he preferred them barely legal. (lobsters)

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                              The problem with big lobsters is that people usually grossly overcook them and then the meat is tough and chewy. Big lobsters can be delicious, tender, and just heavenly when they are cooked properly. Hence the reputation that large lobsters are tough.