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Sep 8, 2006 12:56 PM

Ansill - dissapointing

I had a very dissappointing dinner at Ansill last weekend. Everything had way too much butter, and tasted only of butter - the mushrooms, the speatzle, the vegetable ragout that came with the fish. The only thing that didn't have too much butter was the fish, which was a bit dry and tough. JugglerDave had better luck with his dishes (sweetbreads, and a wild boar prosciutto). It gave me that 'killed appetite' sick feeling, and I wasn't even able to order dessert (which for me is shocking).

It's possible the staff was not at it's best given the holiday weekend, but I won't be going back to find out. Thank you.

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  1. I read in the Inquirer that Ansill would be at Pif on weekends, since their chef had left. We were at Pif on Sat. evening, as was he, and the food was great. It may be that Ansill (restaurant) does not yet run well when the owner/chef is not there.

    1. David Ansill is the owner but not the chef at Ansill.

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        I'm pretty sure he's the executive chef, but he's not there every day. In any case, he's there less now, since the chef at Pif left to go to Pumpkin. Every meal I've had at Ansill has been stellar, it's too bad they didn't deliver that experience to you guys..

      2. Kibett Mengech is the executive chef at Ansill. BTW, I would agree with you that every meal I've had at Ansill has been excellent. Pif is superb and I hope the new three nights a week policy is not the beginning of the end. I would miss it so much that the thought led us to go to Pif twice last weekend.