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Sep 8, 2006 12:33 PM

Kosher Pesto

Does anyone know if there is a good kosher jarred pesto, and if, and where it's available in the NYC area (five boroughs)?

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  1. Victoria pesto is sold at A&P and Morton Williams. I can't vouch for how good it is, though.

    1. Thanks, but I checked in my local Waldbaum's on Friday. They had a large selection of Victoria products, some with a hechsher. The pesto had no hechsher.
      So the search continues....
      Does anyone else know of a jarred pesto that is hechshered?
      Thanks so much!

      1. I found a source for Kosher pesto. I don't now if the hechsher is reliable. Go to

        1. Finally found it on my own: Sabra Classic Pesto, certified by the OK. It was there all along, in my local kosher grocery in Staten Island. I just wasn't thinking to look in the refrigerated section. It comes in small jars.
          Now that I've found it, does anyone have some good suggestions, or easy recipes for using it?

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            I haven't tried the Sabra Pesto, but I know we had another kosher jarred pesto after we ran out of frozen homemade last winter. I will say that jarred tends to have oil-other-than-good-quality-olive, and therefore a taste that seems strange to me. You might also add your own pine nuts or walnuts or almonds, if the pesto is lacking those.
            Anyway, my favorite, easy dinner is to mix a tablespoon or so with an equal to double amount of plain yogurt (I use no-fat) in a small glass bowl, and microwave gently till quite warm: do not boil! Serve as a sauce over hot, al dente linguine, with fresh-grated parmesan.(no, I can't find that anymore, since Miller's stopped imported the real Italian cheese.). Yum.
            Try the Home Cooking Board for more ideas!
            Good luck, P.J.

          2. Christopher Ranch is OK-D kosher, but not very good to my taste. Sabra is decent, not great - it is actually an imported Israeli product and is parve. Moshe and Ali, the US brand of Olivia from Israel, was pretty good though I have not seen it in a while. There is another Israeli brand in small jars found in gourmet stores that was good but more expensive (forget the name, sorry). I also saw a brand from a Brooklyn Restaurant (Sara's? not sure), but it had Spinich and other non-traditional ingredients so I did not bother.

            This time of year, the best thing is to make it yourself. Omit the cheese and use fresh basil, e.v. olive oil (any unflavored oil is kosher, though there are certified ones) fresh garlic and pine nuts or walnuts. Lots of recipes out there so experiment. It keeps well and can be frozen. Just add freshly grated cheese when using it (or add extra nuts for parve uses). has romano and parmasian imported from italy, as do Zabars and Fairway in NYC. Millers domestic wedge is not nearly as good, but better than pre-grated. When freeaing, use an ice cube tray and then transfer to a ziplock. Make lots and you will have basil pesto until next season.