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Sep 8, 2006 12:22 PM

homemade sushi just got a little more boring...

I make sushi at home all the time. I have grown tired of the regular maki roll with standard fillings. Does anybody have any suggestions for new/exciting filling or interesting presentation ideas? Any help is appreciated! I have promised friends that sushi will grace the dining table this saturday!

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  1. Lucky friends!!
    I love crunchy bits (tempura batter) and I always thought I'd like to try making this roll (look under 'crunchy roll') which is made with tempura shrimp. Looks fab to me.
    (maybe give us any idea of what kinds you do make so we can suggest different ones...)

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    1. re: morebubbles

      Thank you! I also love tempura in maki rolls - thats definitly on the menu. I usually fill with salmon or tuna, avocado, cucumber and red peppers. I am flirting with the idea of a crab/wasabi mayo filling but need some more ideas. HELP!

    2. For something that is about as traditional as you can get but is, for some reason, pretty unusual at the same time, use takuan (pickled daikon) in your rolls. Crunchy, sweet, tart, and salty, all at the same time.

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        I second that! Takuan is killer in rolls! The flavor combination is one of my favorites. I also like cucumber and umeboshi paste. Those are my two faves. Our local sushi chef knows when I come in to get out the umeboshi! It's very old school/great grandma style.

      2. A local sushi parlor here in Chicago has a maki that contains green apple (long, thin slices) and Romaine lettuce, as well as raw fish (can't recall what - hamachi? Tuna? Sorry). I think it also has spicy mayo. The crunch of the apple really nicely offsets the softness of the fish.

        1. At a sushi place I really like here in Montreal, some of the rolls have bits of dill or mint. Also some have tangerine or orange(?) sections in them. Very good! --love the spicy mayo too!

          1. Even if you do the "plain old" ingredients, a way to spice up sushi at home is to do "make your own hand rolls". Have a big bowl of rice, some hand roll sized nori and various types of ingredients. Everyone can make their own combinations and experiment with mixing flavors! I've always had fun when I've done that. That also makes it easier to work with people with different tastes.