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Sep 8, 2006 11:35 AM

Looking for good restaurants (all kinds) in Volusia County

Any suggestions about places near DeLand or in greater Volusia County? Looking for good food, good value, not the most expensive or upscale.

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  1. I have a list of top 10 places in Deland to eat that wont spoil your wallet.

    10.Shady Oak fishcamp on hwy 44. The only place to get real catfish in deland
    9.El Rancho Mexican at the intersection of hwy 17 and 92.Home cooked mexican by real mexicans.
    8.Belly Busters Subs on 1792. Best sub in the area.
    7.The Original Holiday House on 1792. Imagine Thanksgiving or xmas at your grandma's house.
    6.JC's lobster Pot on hwy 44. Seafood and Steak at a moderate price.
    5. Gram's Kitchen on 44. Country vittles Cheap and good!
    4.Main Street Grill on 1792. Nice Date place for not too much money.
    3.OB's 1750 North Steak House on hwy 17. Best steak for the money. Complete meal for $11.00 with live music and stiff drinks.
    2.Won Lee's Chinese on hwy 17. Heard it's good and had to have some ethnic cuisine.
    1.Emmy's Time Out Tavern next to the train station. The Best German food and steaks in the area. My overall favorite.