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Sep 8, 2006 11:25 AM

Best bagels in Tristate area?

A small backstory...on coming out of Pepe's many years ago, my father announced to the waiting crowd: 'BEST pizza I've had in 76 years'.

I felt that way (although not 76 yet) after biting into a Bagelworks bagel. Bagelworks is at 65th and 1st Ave., I believe, in Manhattan and until then I had never felt rhapsodic about a bagel.

How to describe's not doughy, although it's boiled. It's not too high, not too low, but just right. It's crunchy on the outside and delicious on the inside. The 'everything' is chock full of everything and my very favorite is the flat bagel.

On trying out yet another bagel (albeit stale, although I have frozen Bagelworks and they are still delish when eaten weeks later) this morning from a place on Rte. 119 in Greenburgh, and being sorely disappointed, I thought of this place!

If you haven't been to Bagelworks, please go! And, if you know of a bagel similar to theirs, or IOW from where is the best bagel you've ever had, I would greatly appreciate the info. TYIA.

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  1. best bagels: fair lawn, nj - corner of saddle river rd and morlot ave, 'hot bagels'.

    the lines out the door on the early weekend morning are ridiculously long. yes, they cook them the way they're supposed to be, and people travel from many other towns in bergen county for them.

    i lived in hoboken, and couldn't find places in hoboken or a few i tried in greenwich village that was anywhere near as good.

    and now for an interesting twist...i live 90 miles north of nyc now (near poughkeepsie), and this may sound sacreligious, but price chopper's salt bagels and other kinds are real good *for up here*. better than most (dutchess county) bagel shops' bagels, where dunkin donuts' bagels are considered ok by some (NOT me).

    however, whenever i go back to fair lawn (or relatives come up here), i grab a few bagels from 'hot bagels' for up here.

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    1. re: bob gaj

      Completely agree with HOT BAGELS in Fair Lawn, NJ. I grew up there and now live in NYC and still haven't found one that compares to it.

      1. re: bob gaj

        Yes! "Saddle River Road Bagels" are the best! There also used to be a good place on Cedar Lane in Teaneck but I haven't been there in about 15+ years.

        I live near Poughkeepsie now (New Paltz). I have my doubts but I'll try the Price Chopper... The Bakery in New Paltz isn't too bad although they're more "artisanal" than real bagels.

        1. re: edwinasam

          one word of warning (advice?) - their (price chopper in poughkeepsie) bagels ARE inconsistent. i've found them best when they're large and thus, more fluffy. if they're thinner/smaller, there's really no difference between theirs and anyone else's.

          is the bakery (new paltz) similar to something like panera?

          here's something funny - a pretty decent bagel place opened in fair lawn on fair lawn ave, near the train station, about 10-15 years ago. they're still there, and i used to get a bagel from them in the morning when i took the train down from there. well, a panera bread opened across the street (i think where goodman's hardware used to be). i just don't think that's 'the' place a panera should open up...

          1. re: bob gaj

            Since when is a bagel supposed to be fluffy? They're supposed to be chewy. and certainly not "light" or filled with air, which is what fluffy implies. According to my Webster's "fluffy" as an adjective means "soft and light." I can't imagine worse attributes for a bagel.

            1. re: ahermannblue

              ahermann, you are correct, and i agree with all you said. substitute your words for mine (about the variance in p.c.'s bagels), and it's right.

              why i'm not a professional food critic.

          2. re: edwinasam

            I think more factory produced par-baked, than "artisinal"

          3. re: bob gaj

            I grew up in the 60's in Fair Lawn and my friends and I lived at "Hot Bagels." Call me crazy but I still take regular Sunday morning bagel runs to this place with my sons from my home in Connecticut. No other bagel shop holds a candle to FL Bagels - each bagel weighs a ton, is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Best of all, there's never been a time when the bagels weren't "hot" out of the oven. They're constantly cranking out hot bagels. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about munching on one of their "everything" bagels with a little butter. Long live FL Bagels!

            1. re: schutz

              Used to sneak out of TJ Jr. Hi School at lunch and ran to Hot Bagels in the late 60's for 15 cent bagels. Still the best of all the places I've ever tried in tri-state area.

            1. re: gudeatz

              You must be from Ohio or Utah...

            2. Highland Park NJ. Raritan and 1st.

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                1. Bagel Boss in Hicksville, made there. They send to their other stores, not sure if any of the other stores make them or just get them from Hicksville.