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Sep 8, 2006 11:17 AM

opinions on Mario Batali's cookware line

Has anyone used any of Mario Batali's cookware line?

I bought one of the stainless steel spoons and a the extra-wide silicone spatula and I love them. (Imagine loving a spoon, what a nut.


Just wondered if anyone had any experience with other stuff from the line. (And if you know of a place in Toronto that carries all of it.)

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  1. There seems to be a pandemic of celebrity chef gear, most of it mediocre quality and overpriced--just another form of celebrity worship, I guess. Try Bianco on Ave. Rd. This stuff should be in wide circulation soon if it isn't already(e.g., Home Outfitters, etc.).

    1. I have his panini press, and I wouldn't characterize it as mediocre quality. I'll grab it before my Le Creuset, because it distributes heat more evenly. It weighs about a metric ton. I even put the whole thing on the grill and got it about as hot as I could, to make bricked chicken. You think that would have left some marks, but it didn't. You want to season it really, really well before you try that maneuver, though.

      Shallow of me, but I love the persimmon color, too.

      1. I have been very impressed with the enameled cookware in Batali's line. The shapes and finishes are outstanding and the prices are considerably lower than Le Creuset's.

        1. I've been looking into Batali's line as well. I thought the prices were fine compared to Le Creuset's. But if the quality is poor, then you wouldn't be saving much. It's sounding like the line is better than mediocre.

          Oh, I love the colors...persimmon, espresso..

          1. Yes, the colours are great, aren't they?