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Sep 8, 2006 05:35 AM

Fish Tacos in San Fran

I have had a phenomenal shrimp burrito at Taqueria San Jose in San Rafael. It was cheap and oniony and good. Where can I get some fish tacos or buritos in San Francisco? Any real legit places?

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  1. Taqueria cancun on Mission @ 19th will do you just fine. Their burritos or tacos taste like authentic Mexican street food. And the prices are the best in the city.

    1. I don't like fish, but I've always heard raves about Nick's Crispy Tacos on Polk Street. I'm not sure how "legit" it is, but some friends have compared them to the ones they get in Baja. I've had their chicken ones and enjoyed it.

      1. When you ask for "legit" fish tacos do you mean the not previously frozen-deep fried fish-drizzled with crema-Baja style-tacos? I'm looking for them too but haven't seen that style in many taquerias in SF. Anyone have a lead?

        1. I haven't seen fresh fish tacos in SF, but I checked Maya's web site and they have them on their menu (see the menu for Next Door).

          I've had an ok version at Una Mas taquerias, a chain in the Bay Area. I don't know if there's an Una Mas in SF proper, but there is one in Westlake.

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            "Adobado" is usually a wet, almost soupy preparation, so the fish wouldn't be fried in their version. That's not the style I'm looking for, thought the OP may be into it. Thanks for sending the link.

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              I just noted in another post that Taylor's Refresher also has fish tacos, but they are grilled and not fried.

            2. I've had Maya's fish tacos many times--it is not a wet, soupy preparation. I'm not sure why they describe them as "adobado". Perhaps because it is topped with some chipotles in adobo. The fish filets are lightly fried, but not breaded. Maya's tacos far outshine anything else available in the Financial District, plus they are a good deal--three to an order.

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                Maya's tacos are delicious, I just wish they would go easier on the chipotle crema. Last time, I tried to ask for it on the side and the gentleman didn't understand what I was saying. He called someone out of the kitchen to try to decipher what I meant by "I want the cream sauce on the side, not on top of the taco. The chipotle cream sauce. On the side." Finally, a lightbulb- he said "AH! On the side! Yes!" And promptly sold me an extra container of plain sour cream and happily delivered my tacos- soaked to the gills in chipotle crema.