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Sep 8, 2006 05:31 AM

Looking for good Chinese and Thai in Chester County

I just moved to the West Chester area and away from a couple of great Asian restaurants on the main line. I would appreciate any suggestions for places serving up tasty Chinese or Thai. I don't care whether the places offer sit-down, take-out, or both.

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  1. I live in WC, too. This is a tough one as far as Thai goes. We used to live in Manhattan with several Thai restaurants just a block away. For take-out Chinese, my husband and I like King Chef (salt & peper shrimp -yum! & cold sesame noodles are good)and Express Wok. Express Wok has a very tiny Thai menu (5 choices!) - it's good, not excellent, but will do for a Thai fix - and also sushi and the like, which we really like.

    I'm really curious to see other replies as I love Thai!

    1. hey folks you should google Tifco China Bistro - its in Exton - I haven't been there yet, but the reviews about its authenticity (on other websites) would inspire me, maybe, to make the trek from center city. they have a new chef as the old one just opened Chung King in center city and near as I can tell, his departure didn't lessen Tifoc's excellence...much.

      whaddya know - they have a website!

      1. Thanks guys, I appreciate the suggestion. If anyone has any picks to add please feel free to post them.

        1. There is a Thai place on Rte. 30 in Frazer called Royal Thai Orchid. It used to be fine, but they changed owners and it went downhill. That said, I haven't been in about a year, and it could easily have changed a great deal since then.

          If you are willing to expand your scope to Vietnamese, there are two really nice ones -- Green Papaya (beside OfficeMax at Rte 100 and Business 30) in Exton and Bamboo in Frazer (Lincoln something plaza, where the Drivers License centre is). Both are inexpensive, BYO.

          Someone mentioned Pifco, and I really liked my experiences there, but (a) it really helps to go with Asian people, and (b) a Chinese friend tells me the chef has moved to their newly-opened Chinatown branch, and the food available in CC has gone downhill.

          Finally, Mandarin (a Margaret Kuo restaurant, kitty-corner from Bamboo) is very nice for a neighborhood Chinese restaurant.