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Sep 8, 2006 05:31 AM

Bride to be ISO best of the best cookware and knives...

Hi all!
I'm a newly engaged foodie looking to get tips for our registry.
We have Henckel knives and a motley assortment of high quality stainless steel cookware, pressure cooker, etc., but I would like to register for some really top notch cookware and accessories.
Have fun and inspire me:
List your dream cookware, appliances, and more!
Please be brand-specific, when possible.
Also, I live in L.A. -- any recommendations on registry locations besides Williams-Sonoma and Surfas?

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  1. all clad cookware in stainless; a couple of le creuset enameled cast iron pots in various sizes; a nice coffee maker or espresso machine--look at the Capresso Coffee Team thermal (has a built in grinder) or Francis Francis X1 if you want espresso; Rosle accessories (especially their wisks--they are great); kitchen aid mixer and professional blender; musson lusino ice cream maker; zojurishi bread maker; some emile henry ceramic bakeware including pie pan; all clad gold cookie sheets and cake pans; le creset silicone spatulas in various sizes (you can never have too many of these); dualit toaster with sandwich basket; a wok; a copper candy pot for making fudge; fondue pot (le crueset or staub make good ones); Staub pot (great for making really tender roasts); a roasting pan--all-clad stainless (or nonstick for ease of cleaning); a juice maker; a good heavy grill pan (I have the all clad, but I would recommend the le creuset because its weight would be heavier and probably better). For knives, if you need or want more than you have, I would go to a good store and check out the feel of the knives in your hand and pick the ones that feel best to you. I have Wustoff grand prix and I love them. A good cutting board--look at Boos and make sure it has "end grain" wood which is better for maintaining the edge on your knives (bamboo is supposedly good too). Also, get a good salt and pepper grinder set (look at Peugeot they are a good french brand).

    where to register: if you have Sur La Table (on the east coast we do and I think they are from seattle, so they probably are in california too), they have most of these items and a lot of other great foodie type of things and they also have their registry online; Bloomingdales has a good assortment of cookware as well, although not as much of specialty type things.

    1. Thank you, baloo!
      That was very helpful.
      And yes, we have sur la table in L.A.
      I will head there asap!


      1. Congrats on the new Engagement!

        I have been cooking for some years (centuries, perhaps) and have had nearly every gadget ever made. Now though, it has all come back to excellent knives, good pots and pans, cooking bowls (ceramic), gorgeous serving ware, and TECHNIQUE!

        ok then -- I have a Kitchen Aid Mixer, which I love for bread dough and making sausages and pasta, and a Kitchen Aid food processor for chopping/mixing when we have parties, but I use my knives more often.

        I LOVE my Convection oven/microwave combo -- (Sharp) cooks pies, cakes, breads, anything the ordinary oven can, and faster.

        Pestle and Mortar -- a must have for fresh spices, and making pastes
        Kettle -- for tea and hot water
        Salt and Pepper grinder -- get several

        But my fave is, *Food Saver* or other good quality vauum seal machine. You can prepare several meals ahead. Also, you can season chicken breasts or thighs, and then freeze; boil them in the bag for low fat foods, in the same pot as your veggies (for easy cleanup, few pots). I freeze soups in an open bag, then when they are frozen, vacuum and seal, same with pasta and sauces. It's not only a food saver, but a timesaver as well.

        Good Luck!

        1. Gotta have at least one Microplane grater. I added their box grater to my arsenal last night. I think it's going to get a lot of use.

          1. I got married about a year ago and my best man and I (my wife was largely left out--she was out of the country at the time) spent quite a while researching all the best stuff for our registry.

            Ultimately we found the most useful resource to be Cook's Illustrated. CI reviews a ton of cookware, and unlike most reviewers who play with something for a few days and then write up the results (or just cut and paste the manufacturer's press release), CI accepts no advertising, and actually puts things to use in their kitchen (which is also used for the "America's Test Kitchen" TV show). They explain in pretty good detail why they did and didn't like certain things. And they post updates when they change their mind after using things for a few years. For example, they recently posted a roasting pan update in which the Calphalon stainless roasting pan took away the top spot from the All Clad equivalent.

            Some of their reviews are a bit dated (especially with appliances, which seem to get "updated" by manufacturers every year or two). But the basic stuff (pots, pans, etc.) doesn't change much from year to year.

            I think you'll find their recommendations to be pretty consistent with what's been posted above, too.

            You can get all their reviews (and the updates) online (see the list of reviews at ). They have a trial subscription so it doesn't cost anything to poke around for a couple weeks. We've found our online subscription to be a great resource for recipes and preparation tips, too, though.

            No, I don't work for them or have any pecuniary interest. I'm just a very satisfied reader with a very nicely equipped kitchen (now if I could just afford a bigger apartment...).