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Sep 8, 2006 04:00 AM

Arroyo Chop House

OK, I have read the S. Irene review, been bumped from an anniversary reservation by the execrable Elmer Dills having set up his cameras at my reserved table (they did give me a free bottle of wine at Parkway across the lot - can you say I want a $150 bottle? - I did), been charged $18 for a glass of what I thought was a house wine, been unceremoniously crammed into a corner on the piano player's lap, and had forgettable experiences at several corporate functions there.
But when this place is on, it is unbeatable.
At one of my kids' insistence, and against my better judgment, we had a birthday there last week (no, we didn't announce it to the staff).
Requested table was available with no wait - others were kept waiting - warms my compulsive heart.
Waiter was obviously very busy but never seemed rushed. Drinks are somewhere between doubles and triples for ~$8.00 - not for everyone, but appeals to a guzzler like me.
Birthday son (17) innocently knocked over my drink and was absolutely mortified. Waiter didn't miss a beat - said it usually happens 3 of 4 times an hour and unobtrusively placed two napkins on the spill and one under the tablecloth and magically appeared with a replacemnet (bigger than the original). Son was more than impressed. I was even more impressed than that.
Lots of rip you off games - bottled water, charged for garlic bread, but for veterans these are minor distrations.
There are a few reasonable wines for less than $60 but there are no bargains.
When the steaks are on, they are spectacular. Aged New York is not as good as the Kansas City New York - bone in. Both came out perfectly prepared and as good as anything at Mastro's - each bite a tender, flavorful prime cut joy. Clearly better than Ruth's and slightly more flavorful and less fibrous than the sirloins at Arnie Morton's. OK, Dakota may be a little more tender, but not much. Forget Nick and Steph's - maybe a little more livery if you like that sort of thing, but I don't.
Sides are variable but some are exemplary - roasted corn is spectacular; scalloped patatoes are topped with cheese and baked (roasted?) to perfection. Green beans have cayenne and are distracting. Garlic mashed are a little too creamy for me. Baked isn't worth it.
Seafood (Ahi and crab legs) is as always unexpectedly well prepared and of very high quality.
Souffles are a novelty but not really worth ordering. Apple pie is enough for four and includes ice cream if you ask - lots of cinnamon.
Service maintained the highest standards this time, which contrary to many hounds, is an extremely important component to me when the price surpasses $50 per person.
Final cost with lots of booze was $65 per.
One of the great evenings to be had in Pasadena or, for steak lovers, in the entire basin.
This place can be irregular. We have had poor reservation honoring, mediocre service, and very mediocre meat preparations (but never less than great seafood). Well worth a try when you want something special and don't want to deal with the Mastro's crowds/noise and the overpriced Ruth's/Morton's experiences.

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  1. Glad to hear of your good fortune. I am apparently more fortunate than you have been, in that service has never been an issue at the chop house, and the food has always been at least very good. I tend toward the green sides as opposed to the starches, and thus less chance for variability.
    Wine list does leave me less than enthralled, especially when value enters the picture, and sometimes byo is the way to go. Great mixed drinks as you say, and served in one of the nicest restaurant facilities in all of LA County - I truly love the ambiance. One caveat - the patio dining at this time of year is wonderful, and NEVER get seated anywhere close to that pianist - your hearing will thank you in both cases.

    1. Excellent Review, we'll go back soon!

      1. which table(s) do you request when making reservations?

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        1. re: The Oracle

          Weather permitting, the patio is very nice.
          If indoors, try for a booth as far from the pianist as you can get. Pianist located near bar and entrance to patio area, and his music creates the impression of eating at Nordstrom for dinner.

          1. re: The Oracle

            The front room ("Arroyo") is the place I like. I ask for the table at the NE corner, though that is more from tradition than it being better than the others. The chairs have arms (that rarest of luxuries at restaurants these days), the room is darkly and luxuriously paneled, tables well spaced, and the low noise level makes conversation effortless - even when the paino is playing in the larger room next door (separated by a door).
            Many nights the entire room is reserved for meetings - drug companies are the major regular users - so be sure to ask in advance.

          2. Went there last weekend. Best steak I have ever had. This place is my wife and my favorite place to go. Always a great meal and great experience.

            1. The service I have had at the Chop House has always been oustanding, professional, unobtrusive and very acommodating to my needs. The water schtick is not a bother, I just say give me some tap water. I don't mind paying for the garlic bread, but hell, the bread is so good, you don't need to order it "garlicked", then it comes gratis with some nice sweet butter.

              I love the pancetta wraped seared scallops appetizer and will never share it with anyone. I agree their steaks can be hit or miss, however, strange as it may seem, the large filet has always been one of the most flavorful steaks I have had, anywhere. Tender, juicy and full of aged beefy flavor, its almost like there is some sort of invisible marbling in their filet, the texture being more like a piece of rib eye, than a dry piece of lean filet.

              Just had the remainder of my daughter's filet when we were at the nearby Houston's, no comparison. Houston's was flavorful, but no where near as flavorful or as juicy as the Chop House version.

              Here is an old review (appreciation) of the Chop House that I think is still relevant: