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Sep 8, 2006 03:55 AM

Good Eats in Lewisburg, PA

Going to Lewisburg. Any suggestions for good eats? We've been to Elizabeth's which we enjoy and the Blue Plate. Willing to drive, enjoy all types of good food. Thanks!

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  1. We have enjoyed Reba and Panchos which is a BYOB on Rt 45. You might not be familiar with the restaurant as I believe they opened last year. If you enjoyed the Blue Plate you not be disappointed. ck out:

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      Went to Reba and Panchos this weekend and enjoyed it VERY MUCH!! Thank you! A bit overpriced for what it is though....

    2. the bull run inn has excellent food and prices and an extensive wine and beer list. it is popular with the college kids bar so i wouldnt go late nite but the service is great otherwise.

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        I've seen Bull Run but not been to it because others have told me the food is no better than Applebee's, TGIFriday's.

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          yes, the Bull Run Inn food is not something to seek out - their strength is their beer list
          they are definitely comprable to a TGIF as far as food quality goes, likewise with the tavern at the far east end of market st.
          there is a decent thai restaurant in Williamsport, just north of the downtown district by a few blocks; and we went to a nice pub sort of place in Harrisburg's downtown area - can't recall the name but there is only one street that has a string of restaurants, so it's hard to miss if you make it downtown (a few blocks from the state house)
          otherwise, we have yet to find good eats in the area - would love to hear more finds!

      2. Our favorites in the area are the Lewisburg Hotel and, in Watsonville, the Watson Inn. Next time in Lewisburg, we will definitely try one of the places recommended above. Hope this helps and thanks for your suggestions.

        1. My favorite is the Temperance House. They have the best scallops I've ever tasted. The rest of their menu is adequate and service is attentive. But, the scallops are amazing.