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Sep 8, 2006 03:44 AM

Weekday brunch in the Park Slope/Prospect Heights area?

A dear friend is visiting from out of town and I'd love to take her out to brunch in the nabe. Alas, she'll only be here for one day, Friday. Does anyone have suggestions about restaurants that serve weekday brunches?

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  1. DIZZY'S Diner on the corner of 8th Avenue and 9th St. serves an excellent, all day, weekday brunch menu- not really brunch specials, but a special omelette, pancakes, eggs, breakfast samiches, everything you might need for brunch/lunch. solid upscale diner vibe- i get my bacon egg and cheese on a roll every other day for the last MANY years there- never a complaint- it's delicious and fresh and just about a perfect sandwich. enjoy- frankbooth

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      I second this, but expact a wait unless you go early.

      I've been going to Le Gamin on Vanderbilt lately--pretty standard, decent brunch. Reasonably priced. Nice backyard, good coffee. Same thing--go early or expect a wait.