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Sep 8, 2006 02:53 AM

Grotto or Bistro 5

I was trying to decide between Grotto and Bistro 5 for next Sat. night. I searched the board and found the exact same question from Aug. 05. I have been to both and am leaning toward Grotto. However, I love the neighborhood feel of Bistro 5 even though I prefer the Grotto menu. Does anyone have an recent experiences to comment about? We are getting a babysitter for the night, and want to make it worthwile. Another option is Catch in Winchester. I have never been, but have heard good things. Thanks in advance. I appreciate all advice.

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  1. I've been to both Grotto and Bistro 5 and would personally pick Grotto - I prefer the atmosphere and the fact that you can take a nice walk around Beacon Hill after your meal (maybe stop in to the Beacon Hill Bistro for a drink after - I like their bar area).

    My parents live in Winchester and used to eat very often at Bistro 5. Since they discovered Catch however, it has become their restaurant of choice (and not just because they can walk there!). While Catch is definitely a seafood restaurant my father has raved about non-seafood dishes he's eaten there.

    All three places are delicious and inventive. I guess the decision comes down to what kind of food you want (they are all rather different) and if you want to make a night of it and have options afterwards for dessert/drinks.

    But, it's a good quandary - I'd say you can't go wrong no matter what you choose!

    1. Just so you know, Grotto is continuing their 3-for-30 deal they've been doing all summer. Three courses for $30, with the whole menu open for choosing. They have a few options that charge an addition $3 or $5. Enjoy your night out!

      1. No doubt you will have a less expensive meal at Grotto, getting more bang for your buck. I've had great meals at both places but the prix fixe value at Grotto would definitely give them the edge, for me.

        1. I've had one meal at Catch. I can't recall the details, but if we lived in Winchester, I would frequent it often. It is a solid choice. The atmosphere is a bit subdued, with the decor in soothing colors. It feels like a fancier night out than a night at Grotto, which always feels like a stroll down to the neighborhood bistro.