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Sep 8, 2006 02:32 AM

What Did/Does Your Dad Cook Best?

The post about what your mother cooks when you're sick got me thinking about this. Since we usually expect the mother to be the cook of the family, I'd be interested in knowing what your dad made/makes best in the kitchen.

I have fond memories of waking up weekend mornings, running to the kitchen, and finding my dad piling on steaming hot scrambled eggs into plates. :)

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  1. My dad made a crazy quiche out of pillsbury canned biscuit dough (crust), egg beaters, morningstar farms "sausage," swiss chard, and low-fat swiss cheese (quiche filling). He would serve it for days at a time. It wasn't good. And it was his best work. Don't ask about the lemon pie with whole unpeeled lemons put into the blender, or the beef stew with a whole bunch of unblanched okra. Sorry. I wish it had been eggs and bacon. At least he was ambitious.

    1. When I was a child, my father made fabulous stir-fried five-spice sliced beef heart, all sorts of flavors of popcorn (both savory and sweet), and in one six-month burst of creativity, an amazing series of variations on the quest for the perfectly chewy, flat chocolate chip cookie. He also made a really fantastic treat called "om balls" (don't know if this was a family name for them or if they came with the name from a 1970s cookbook) made with carob or cocoa powder, powdered milk, peanut butter, and all sorts of other good stuff rolled up in bite-sized balls. He's still cooking, though he hasn't made any of these things in ages to my knowledge.

      1. I am very lucky that both of my parents are great cooks but the most memorable things my dad made were (are):

        1)The best egg/ham/cheese/tomato/onion sandwiches (on rye bread)
        2)Great chicken noodle soup
        3)Scrambled eggs (he browns the butter first...mmm)
        4)...but the one thing me and my 6 siblings requested for an appetizer at all of our birthday dinners was his AMAZING chopped chicken livers. A few years ago I made him show me exactly how he makes them.

        1. my father was actually the chef of the family (used to be a professional before I was born). He made all kinds of WONDERFUL things, but my fondest memory is of his pesto. The whole house would smell like basil. Still the best pesto I've ever had by far...

          1. My dad was definitely not the cook in our family, but he made the best damn bacon anywhere, period. "Super eggs" and bacon meant it was a good day, because normally we ate cereal (the non-sugary kind) and milk.