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Sep 8, 2006 02:25 AM

Best White Pizza in Manhattan?

My boyfriend is allergic to tomatoes, but loves pizza.

Where can we sit down and have a delicious white pizza?

I've seen it sold by the slice around and town and am hoping there are restaurants who do it well.


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  1. L'asso has a large variety of tomatoless pizzas.

    1. I've had it at John's Pizza (the one by Times Square) with spinach and ricotta toppings. It was pretty good!

      1. I have two favorite. One was at La Pizza Fresca, on 20th btwn Park and Bway. It was a special with roasted garlic but if i recall correctly they have white pizzas on the regular menu. THe place serves excellent Neopalitan pizza. Another less formal white pizza is at Totonno's. It has no ricotta cheese and lots of roasted garlic.

        1. Una Pizza Napeletana on 12th st has the best white pizza i have had.

          1. Lombardi's in Little Italy. Terrific white pizza, my favorite.