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Sep 8, 2006 02:05 AM

Sunday lunch/brunch in Vancouver?

Unfortunately, due to tight scheduling we'll only have about 24 hours in Vancouver before departing on our cruise. We've already made our dinner rezzies for West for 9PM on Sunday evening.

Need some ideas for a place to grab a bite early that afternoon. Our flight arrives at 10:25 so hopefully we'll be in town by noon or so. We're staying at the Victorian (514 Homer near Dunsmuir), so someplace groovy within walking distance would be great.

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  1. We enjoyed a good sunday brunch buffet at the Cafe Pacifica located in Pan Pacific Hotel (at Canada Place).

    as quoted on their website:
    "Vancouver's most popular Sunday Market Brunch features fresh local seafood, colour salads, succulent fruits, dim sum, omelettes, wok dishes, carved roasts of the day and decadent desserts. And that's only the beginning! There's also live music, friendly smiles, and a stunning view of Vancouver's famous harbour."

    check out:

    1. That sounds like it could work. Do you remember how much per person?

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        I believe we paid about CAD45 each person.

      2. I went to the Pan Pacific many years ago for their brunch and it was very good- across the street Herons also does a nice brunch for around the same price I beleive.Griffins at the Hotel Vancouver is also good- at least the time I went, again this was a few years ago. they are 35.00 If you are loking for something less pricey and still want to go the buffet route, steamworks in gastown does one for 18.99.

        Milestones is always a reliable choice and if you want more gourmet, Provence with its 2 locations is wonderful..

        hope you have a great brunch!

        1. Thanks for the tips! With dinner at West that evening, economy might be the best tack. Plus we have yet to visit Gastown. Steamworks is starting to look pretty good...