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Sep 8, 2006 02:02 AM

Where to take guests in Annapolis?

Friends from Tenn. are visiting Annapolis next week and we want to take them for dinner in Annapolis. Looking for solid Maryland cooking, seafood, etc. Any ideas?

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  1. I would recommend O'Leary's for very good seafood.

    1. Carrol's Creek- the food is terrific, the view wonderful and the service is great & friendly

      1. I second Carrols Creek -- aside from their good crabcakes and fish, their tableside Caesar is a must, and I had their new duck dish recently that was very good. Depending on where they're coming from or going to, it's great to take the water taxi which drops off and picks up right by Carrol's Creek. It's a great way for anyone, especially out-of-towners, to get around.

        If your friends can, you should urge them to get to Cantler's Riverside Inn while they are in Annapolis for a real Maryland Bay experience -- it's very casual, and is great for lunch and you'll get very good hard shell crabs -- and their red vegetable MD crab soup is excellent.

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          Thanks to all. I think we'll go with Carrolls Creek this time.