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Sep 8, 2006 01:54 AM

Town hall, sketch, hooker's gumbo shack, coi, and pizzaolo (some questions, stupid ones)

this is for future reference:

Is Town Hall worth a try for the gumbo, bbq shrimp, etc.? I've heard the chef trained with Paul Prudhomme in the past. Also, is this in SoMa.

Regarding sketch, do they in the winter months serve chocolate truffles (or just marshmellows, caramel corn, and caramels). Also, has anyone tried the Fig cake that i saw there last week.

Is Hooker's gumbo still around? or long gone?

Coi? anyone been? worth a try, is this the place from the experimental chef, daniel???

lastly, pizzaolo (if i'm not mistaken it's at telegraph and 51st, and i remember telegraph running through berkeley) near downtown berkeley, sort of on the border between berk and oakland? walking distance from the downtown or ashby bart?

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  1. Re Pizzaiolo is in on 5008 Telegraph. It is a long walk from any Bart station, way down Telegraph from campus. I think the station it is closest to is probably Rockridge. A long walk from Berkeley or Ashby bart.

    1. Candy availability varies from day to day at Sketch because they make everything fresh. The make truffle in the winter, but they might not have them on the day you stop by. I liked the fig cake but I love the lemon cake. Based on your comment on the choc. pudding cake I think you would much prefer the lemon cake.

      Pizzaiolo is about a 10 block walk from MacArthur BART (on 40th and Telegraph). A bus runs down Telegraph frequently. It's worth the schlep.

      1. When I went to Town Hall last, I was impressed by the BBQ Shrimp that they have. Firm, but still briny-sweet, they had a wonderful cajun kick to them that didn't overpower, but was still flavorfull. As for gumbo, I don't know, I've never seen it on the menu when I've been.

        1. Pizzaiolo is well into Oakland, Telegraph is a long street. You can take the bus there from BART stations, though, check, there's a bus stop right across the street.

          I've also never seen gumbo on the menu at Town Hall (I've only been at lunch, but quite a few times). It's about three blocks from the Embarcadero station; walk straight down Fremont (from Market) and you'll hit it, it's on the other side of the bus station.

          1. closest bart station to pizzaiolo is macarthur, which is on 40th and telegraph. The walk only takes about 10 mins, but it's not the nicest of hoods. Although it is my hood, and I've never had any problems.

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              Pizzaiolo is also not that far from Rockridge BART, down Claremont or Shafter. Nicer walk.