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Sep 8, 2006 01:35 AM

Vitamin Water?

I'm pretty sure it is totally unavailable, but I thought I'd ask here just in case. Is Vitamin Water available anywhere in the GTA?


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  1. oooh, I don't think so! I just moved back from NYC, where I was a little bit addicted to it...but I haven't noticed it for sale here in TO - not that i have looked for it, but haven't noticed it anywhere.
    will keep a look out for it though now!

    1. I think I saw it at Gardenview Grocery, King & John. But that stuff is frightening, if you ask me. I mean, what kind of "water" has a warning for side-effects on the label?

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      1. re: ognir

        the only "side effect" i have ever seen listed on a vitamin water bottle is something tongue in cheek like "may cause sudden feeling of energy and well being"
        it's just water with vitamins in it as far as I can tell. here is the website with ingredients:

        will check out gardenview though!

        1. re: alltummy

          It might have been a different brand.