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Sep 8, 2006 01:33 AM

New to Area (DFW) - Craving Good Ethnic Food

Hi everyone,

I've been going through the archives and haven't seen much about my area. I moved to the Hurst-Euless-Bedford area a week ago from Philly and I'm already craving some good ethnic foods such as Chinese, Japanese (sushi!) and Indian. I know the Mexican places are plentiful and I plan to try out a lot, but I need my other ethnic!

Can anyone help me with recommendations for good sushi, Indian or Chinese in this Euless area? Or any other ethnic recommendations? Also, what's the best pizza in town?

I know, a lot of questions for one post, but I'm a bit lost for the moment. I'm willing to travel to Dallas or Fort Worth, but I absolutely would love more recommendations closer to home, since I'm pretty unfamiliar with the area.

Thank you so much!

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  1. The best Sushi in the area is just south of Euless on Cooper St in Arlington is Piranha.

    1. isn't Piranha at Green Oaks and Collins?

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      1. re: cheryl29

        Colllins, cooper, it's all the same to me.

        You are correct, it's at Green Oaks and Collins.

        1. re: MarcusB

          Thank you! We'll have to go there and definitely check it out. Is it very expensive? When I eat sushi, I usually go for the rolls.

          1. re: QueenB

            Excellent rolls. You won't be disappointed, QueenB.


      2. Good Chinese food is largely limited to two regional areas, Richardson-Plano-Garland and Arlington. See thread from earlier this summer

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        1. re: Chandavkl

          Thank you Chandavkl. That's a good thing to know.

        2. I used to work in the H-E-B area, so we'd eat at the following:

          You're in luck if you like Thai.

          Thai Papaya Garden in Euless is excellent. 1201 W Airport Fwy, Ste 100, Euless. 817-684-9378.

          There is also Sweet Basil in Hurst near North East Mall which is good. 977 Melbourne Rd, Hurst. 817-268-2899

          Thai Jasmine in Bedford isn't as great as the others, but still good. 3104 Harwood Rd, Bedford. 817-858-0555

          A little further out but good is Sukhothai. This is a great dinner place as you can BYOB. They are in Arlington near I30. 423 Fielder North Plaza. 817-860-4107

          For excellent Indian food, there is Kababish in Bedford. 3508 Harwood Rd, #202, Bedford. 817-355-5000

          Also good for Indian is Tandoor in Arlington (in the same strip center as Suckhothai) which has an above average lunch buffet.

          If you like Vietnamese, try Miss Saigon Cafe. It's not the best Vietnamese, but I think it's the only one around H-E-B. 932 Melbourne Av, Hurst. 817-595-0137.

          For the BEST Vietnamese, try venturing out to Haltom City. It's really not too far away, and they have a ton of fantastic Vietnamese restaraunts there. My favorite is MyLan. They have one of the longest menus that I've ever seen. 4015 E Belknap St, Haltom City. 817-222-1471

          For mexican, don't miss Esparza's Tequila Factory & Grill in Bedford.

          For sushi, I agree with Piranha in Arlington.

          For Chinese, I'd venture out to Arlington and try First Chinese B-B-Q. 2214 S Collins St. 817-469-8876

          If you like Lebanese, venture out to Fort Worth to Hedary’s Lebanese Restaurant. 3308 Fairfield Av, FW. 817-731-6961

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          1. re: Webra1

            Webra1, thank you for all of that information. I've never had Vietnamese food, but am always willing to try just about anything. There are so many places to try around here! Coming from the small town that I did, it's quite shocking and a bit overwhelming, but I don't think I'll have difficulty trying them all!

          2. pizza possibilities, first being best and going down from there:

            Palio’s in colleyville ... thin crust, very good, la-dee-da

            ti amo in hurst

            little joe’s in keller (Chicago style

            not quite as good but geographically desirable: Café Amore

            boppa’s – an upscale cici’s

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            1. re: teegee

              Thank you teegee.

              If you don't mind me asking, what is Cici's? I passed one the other day going to the grocery store. Is it any good, or should I just stay away? What about Mr. Jim's? Is that more on the scale of Domino's (which I dislike).

              I've heard from a local that I may have difficulty finding the same type of pizza here in Texas as I had in PA, but I'm not sure I believe that...

              1. re: QueenB

                Stop. Put your hands up. Step away from the Cici's.

                It's an all-you-can-eat, baaaad pizza place. Awful!

                Stay as far away as possible, especially on the weekend, when birthday parties, soccer teams and other assorted maniacs flood the place.

                1. re: Kirk

                  Kirk, you forgot to mention the operative data: it's a $3.99 all-you-can-eat pizza place. ($3.99 or thereabouts.) once a year, it's not such a bad thing for $3.99, even if it means sitting next to a hugely obese fellow w/ 35 slices of pizza stacked on his plate

                  you're right about the soccer teams, though. avoid them like the plague

                  1. re: teegee

                    Ok, that just sounds unappetizing.
                    Thanks for the warnings.

                    1. re: QueenB

                      Hey, give it a try, but don't limit yourself to what they serve... You can order anything you want! Their chicken garlic parmisan tastes OK, but I add mushrooms. Also I order a deep dish veggie with added jalepenios and green olives with red sauce (not their cheese sauce veggie (blah)) They also have a small fresh salad bar so for $3.99 it can be satisfying if you order what you want (which they will bring to your table while you enjoy a salad first). Also quality varies from store to store try the one in NRH (North Richland Hills). If you like it crispy say so and they will double cook it... Off the hot plates the quality is so-so as stated, but wait a few minutes and they'll make some decent pizza...