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Sep 8, 2006 12:53 AM

Update on Sam's Chowder House - opening October - more fried clams & lobster roll

I'm on the Cetrella mailing list because ironically I like Cetrella ... found Chowhound because my first visit was so awful. My first post was a bitch about Cetrella. Glad it is better these days.

Anyway, here's the link to the website where they say they will be putting news about the actual opening.

They say there will be lots of outdoor seating (so useful in October, eh?


And yet, they considered that ... sit back in your Adirondack chair clustered around a fire pit, snuggled under a warm blanket taking in the sea view ... yeah, hope they provide umbrellas too.

Anyway, as all of us ex-pat New Englanders knew already ... fried clams, lobster rolls, clambakes ... I am just giddy at the thought after all these decades I will have FOUR places to compare the fried clams ... Yankee Pier, Woodhouse and Old Port Lobster Shack ... there were the Red Lobster years, folks ... there were the Red Lobster years ... enuf said about the horror.

So the availability of New England fish combined with Bay Area weather would have me in heaven if it wasn't for those pesky earthquakes.

But hmmmm ... just looked at the only working link so far ... staff openings ... I'm contemplating applying as an oyster shucker (kidding, but it would make my resume more interesting) ... it says

"Sam’s offers a casual and authentic seafood experience reminiscent of an East Coast style seafood house"

Reminiscent. Read the fine print. But I am hopeful and, if not, there's always OPLS and Woodhouse.

They are also going to have a seafood market which in addition to fresh fish will have prepared food.

I'm looking forward to seeing a menu on the website. I've been too busy to check the local papers lately. Have there been updates about the joint?

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    1. re: rtmonty

      Where the old Anchorage restaurant was ... just north of Half Moon Bay ( 4210 N. Cabrillo Hwy.)

      Huh, their email and website doesn't have the new address. Forced me to look up the old SF Gate article.

      That is a nice restaurant and location. Hopefully Sam's will have better food.

    2. I think the Cetrella newsletter has the most upated info so far. I'm really looking forward to the opening of this place as it's about a three-minute drive from where I live and we're always hankering for new restaurants here. And if anyone has access to a great Chinese restaurater, please tell him/her to open a place in the former location of Ono Grill -- we are desperate for good Chinese! And, while yes it certainly does rain here, you may find that in the winter often the sun is shining on the coast when it can't be found elesewhere. Blankets may be necessary but not necessarily umbrellas. :-)

      From the Cetrella newsletter:

      Sam's Chowder House... Opening Soon!
      Thanks to many of you who have inquired about the status of our sister restaurant, Sam's Chowder House. It is indeed under development, with an opening scheduled for early October. The family-friendly restaurant offers a panoramic ocean view, tons of outdoor seating, fire pits, Adirondack chairs, and warm blankets. The menu includes a daily selection of fresh fish- grilled, broiled or sauteed, live lobsters and crabs, authentic lobster rolls and fried clams, New England style "clambakes" and a variety of local specialties. Sam's Seafood Market will offer fresh fish and prepared to-go seafood items and side dishes for enjoying at home or on the outdoor patio. Visit our website at in the next week to see regular updates as we near our opening.

      1. Does anyone have any recent updates on the expected opening date? I was hoping this restaurant would be open by this weekend, so I could buy pumpkins and get chowder/Fish & Chips. Next weekend is the Pumpkin Festival, so I'd like to avoid the area then. I don't receive the Cetrella newsletter.

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        1. re: sfmags

          Nothing lately and the Cetrella and Sam's website links are not currently working for me. But check both.

        2. How interesting...those links aren't working for me anymore either, but I checked them both prior to posting this message. There was a link to a cetrella blog, which I was hoping to get answers from, but the last time anyone posted to the blog was 9/20. THere were no specific opening dates posted on the blog or on either website. Quite mysterious.

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          1. re: sfmags

            Could be a good thing. Maybe the site is being updated with Sam's menus. Here's Cetrella's phone number. If you call and get an answer, hope you report back. 650 726-4090

          2. I called Cetrella, and the hostess' response was
            "I think it's opening in mid-October, around the 16th"

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            1. re: sfmags

              Thanks. When I get an email about it from Cetrella, I'll post.