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Sep 8, 2006 12:08 AM

Sticky Fingers Chicken and Ribs - any good?

There's a new barbeque restaurant/bar on Yonge st, south of Yonge Blvd (used to be The Sailor's Dickey), opened this summer. Has anyone tried it? Is it any good? Each time I pass the patio, I only get glimpses of finished plates or people drinking beer...

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  1. I am soooo curious about this place too!! I am a huge ribs/wings enthusiast, and I cant find any info on the web about this place, I just saw it driving once or twice. I hope someone can help us out!!

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      1. re: macroadrunner

        Im seen this website, but this is a sticky fingers in Barrie, not Toronto

    1. Unfortunately, I have bad news. Tried Sticky Fingers about a month after it opened at the end of June. Ordered lots of wing and a slab of ribs. I personally don't like fall-off-the bone ribs, so I was not pleased. Decent flavor-but the bones offered no resistance at all. Either previously frozen or boiled or both and way to saucy for my liking. The wings were better but also really, really saucy. I much prefer the wings at the Bistro and the ribs from my own BBQ. I will be very surprised if Sticky Fingers is around for a while!!

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        1. re: Brain of J

          The Bistro is an institution on Avenue located on the North West corner of Avenue and Brookdale, about 8 blocks north of Lawrence. it's been there forever and was originally tied in with the original St. Louis.

        2. re: robb

          It sounds like we enjoy ribs the same way and unfortunately not enuff people "get it". So I am curious robb, where do you find great ribs with bite in the city? Any style.

          Personal fave is barbarian nicely charred ribs...I also like Universal Grill.

        3. Not to put words in robb's mouth but I think it is the Bistro on Avenue which is St Louis wings but not called that. On Avenue road (north of Lawrence - I think).

          1. If it's part of the Sticky Fingers chain,


            then I'd avoid it. That is, unless you LIKE your meat to taste like it's 90% water!